"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday's Fix

  1. Sunrise with the birds from the front porch rocker
  2. Awe for God's nature
  3. Hot coffee and quiet before the rush of the day
  4. Buttermilk pancakes hot off the griddle .. topped with homemade huckleberry syrup
  5. Laundry hung outside
  6. Fresh sheets to sleep in tonight
  7. Clean windows
  8. Plant more herbs
  9. Set a nice dinner table
  10. Give thanks to God for all blessings
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Maria Stahl said...

What a lovely plan for a day. :) God bless you, my friend.

wv=dasteedu. Abbreviation for "doer of dastardly deeds."

Felisol said...

Oh, eia were I there. Buttermilk pancakes are a favorite.
I also join you in your thanks.
My ramsoms are blossoming now, and will later set seeds.
Do you want me to send you some?
They like half shadow and moist soil, and have the same good qualities as garlic.
I have already filled the freezer for next winter, just cutting the leaves and stalks.

Pat said...

A wonderful list!
My favorite is #10.

Diane said...

Sounds so heavenly good!!!! Sort of my own imagnations of what heaven will be like....all those things that bring us joy! Hope you had a great weekend and will enjoy a wonderful week.

Many hugs..........

TherExtras said...

Will you adopt me?

Jim said...

Yes, and if you need more, you can adopt me too! Great idea.

I like your Saturday list. That is the only way to get a lot done. Otherwise foolish things take up a person's time.

Gardening? I will stay at the house and drink coffee and eat pancakes while watching the birds and you are gardening.
I can help you give God thanks for his Awe! It must be sooooo awesome up there this time of year.
Did you want me to stay for dinner even if you don't adopt me?

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, Mr (& Mrs. Jim) ... you may stay for dinner ;) Overnight, thought, you have to sleep out in the garage with the dawg;)

Mrs. Mac said...

P.S. Mrs. Jim may sleep in the guest room:)