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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Paperless?

I said no and then yes to re-subscribing to the newspaper over the summer.  We canceled the paper at the beginning of May to go on our financial diet.  I really felt bad about the paper as it employs local people and we have a slow economy.  Paper newspapers are becoming a rarity these days ... yesterday's news today (so to speak).  Still, I have no TV connection and rely on news from the radio or internet.  But ... I did start to miss the paper.  So .. when the subscription dept. called yesterday offering the paper 1/2 off for the summer AND two free boat cruise tickets on Lake Coeur d'Alene, I said YES!  I'm a sucker for a bargain ... and a boat cruise!


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
That was indeed a good bargain.
I do similar thing myself, with a woman's magazine. Then I stop buying, when they're trying to sell me a full prize description.
I've found out, once I have been out of the system for three months, I get the half prize bargains again.

Several years ago my brother and I wrote articles for a bridge magazine. My "salary" was a free cruise to England on first class, minibar included, once a year.
Luxury, back then, to travel with my brother when Serina was an expensive child..
Then my father got his brain hemorrhage and there was no time for writing or traveling alone.
For every thing under the sun there is a season.
Hope to see some nice photos from your cruise. My way of traveling nowadays. I learning a lot and am getting my horizon broadened because of my blog sisters.

Pat said...

Such a deal!
Our local paper is delivered three days a week, I've continued to keep my delivery because like you..it's a local venture and the paperboys/girls make some money off it. Well, Hal just brought it in from the front porch, and there were two of the papers waiting! I don't know if the carrier just wanted to get rid of them or what, but that's no way to make a profit!

Trish said...

I still enjoy the newspaper...same local one as Pat. Don't want a Kindle....I want to hold a book in my hands and smell it's pages. Weird eh? Before we know it there will be no need for Libraries...man, would I miss that! Good bargain...Oh, and enjoy your cruise!

Anonymous said...

I still enjoy the daily newspaper, but have not gotten so much as a free bus ride from our subscription! ;) You got a good deal! Barbara

Kathryn said...

Enjoy your cruise!

I don't care much for the paper, over all. Someone tried to sell me a subscription to the down-the-hill San Bernardino paper (Sunday only) & i have no interest. But the coupons! he said. I don't coupon. But you could! he said. I don't want to. It is good fire starter! he said. I get all that i need from my ILs. Have a nice day . . . he said.

I would like to get our local paper, a tiny thing that is once a week. But i haven't yet. Someday, if it stays in business!

We may do a boat cruise this summer. Take lots of pics & share!

Diane said...

What a bargain! Especially those cruise tickets!!! I still enjoy our weekly local paper. It's mostly just the local gossip, but you do learn about local government and about the going's on of the local communities, so it's worth it in the end. And, as you say, it keeps local people working and supporting their families. Enjoy that cruise!!!!

Jim said...

Wow, M&M, you found yourself a bargain! I would probably do it too.

We had a similar situation here. We were getting the Houston Chronicle for $11 a month, rate guaranteed for life. Nothing in writing though, it was a telephone offer.
Then when the paper increased to $24 a month for everyone our subscription did too, along with all the other $11 life subscribers.
I said no, I would cancel my subscription. They tried to sell me weekend (three days) only for $18 a month.
Later, an offer came for Wednesday through Sunday for $12 a month. And I could have the same paper on Internet with my subscription. That was for the two days we missed.

The free boat cruise will be wonderful for you and Nathan.