"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Day Of School

On Friday I'll have to change gears as Thursday is Nathan's last day of school.  I always like sleeping in or having more time alone in the morning without the school rush.  Summer will get going ... family will visit ... the garden will consume me ... taking weekly trips to the local u-pick farm ... mini vacations ... summer camp for Nathan ... canning and freezing food for winter ... then I'll be pooped and long for school to start.  It always happens this way.  So what's on the horizon for you this summer?


Sandy said...

We just hired a young man, who
is only five years older than
Shaun,to spend some time with
him so we can occasionally
have a bit of time for our-
selves. We have never done
this so we are excited,in a
good and bad way! Will it work?
We have to take that huge step
and leave Shaun with him to
find out.We plan on going out
to dinner, which we haven't
done in years. Pray for us!

donna said...

tending the gardens, taking a trip to NH, working the home job as much as I possibly can..visiting with family..summer is short here, but I don't mind...


Pat said...

My plan is to have no plans...that can't change!
Tending the small garden, a couple of family reunions, and we hope to do the Michigan US-12 garage sale that runs from Detroit to Lake Michigan, as well as the one that runs from Ohio through the south and I think ends in Alabama. These garage sale's are going to be slow paced, stop and stay where something looks inviting...no presssures. Of course there is the cottage too. We'll see just how much we actually do when the time comes! It's nice not having a schedule!

TherExtras said...

You are so sweet to ask!

In between now and the end of the summer before Hubby returns to teaching AND CollegeSon is home (!) yardwork and swimming and housewifing. ;) And blogging. We hope to make some headway on some home projects. 2 short trips are planned. Barbara

covnitkepr1 said...

I read your profile carefully and ...Shame on those churches. Those leaders will stand before THE judge one dayand give an account.
I'm a followr and hope you'll look over my blog and become a follower also.

Diane said...

My grandniece and grandnephew will be arriving from Iowa the first week of July. Yippeeeee!!! I will travel to MO in August for my nephew's military graduation from Basic Training. I just had a new grandniece born on the 9th. My 'blood sisters' and I are planning a mini-vacation for fall at Daddy's condo in the mountains of East TN. So mucy to look forward to!!!!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
These days of freedom, where one goes over to the other without much ado, aren't they the very best on earth?
The ordinary summer days are each and everyone a blessing in themselves.
Let's be thankful and enjoy. Life does get much better than this.
My girl is home for summer, and we intend to seize every day as best we can.
Yesterday was first real day in the sun. We were at the beach and I fell asleep on my stomach; result, a well burnt lower back.
Thank God for aloe vera.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Laura and I've been following your blog once in a while. I live in Canada, and I'm not even sure how I happened to find it, I think through one of my friends blog. I took interest in it, because we too have a son with Down Syndrome he is 21.
It was interesting to hear that you find it hard to take your son to church. This has been my frustration for years. I have always felt that churches are missing the point and that there is a ministry here. Anyway I enjoy reading your blog once in a while. I don't know how to blog, maybe one day someone will teach me.