"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Graduation Time ...

... again.

Ann will be wearing her cap and gown on Monday night as she graduates from dental school at the local community college.  Then she will be 'hitting the pavement' with her resumes in search for a job.  Here's praying for a successful career Ann!
The sad part of it all is that we couldn't get a sitter for Nathan .. which means Mr. Mac will be attending the graduation .. and I'll be picking up Nathan from his first day of summer camp .. coming home and throwing together a light supper/dessert buffet.  The sacrifices we make at times are painful ... but we rejoice in the privilege of having Nathan .. at home .. and in good health.


FlowerLady said...

Congrats to Ann. Hope she gets a nice job in her field soon. Sorry you are unable to attend the ceremony.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Sandy said...

I fully understand missing
out on important events and
going solo without my husband
to most everything else. We
are thankful also to have
Shaun home with us and in
good health.
Congratulations to Ann and
may she land a great job in
record time.
Have a blessed day,

Maria Stahl said...

I'm sorry! If I were nearby, I hope you'd still trust me to look after him, then you could go to graduation too.

'Course last time I took care of him he wasn't walking yet. :)

Felisol said...

Dea Mrs. Mac,
I say a little prayer that you may get help.
I have experienced that the Lord works in mysterious ways.
You must be so proud and thankful for your Ann being graduated.
I wish, I wish, I wish, that you may be allowed to be there, proud, hardworking mother.
Love from Felisol

Pat said...

Congrats to beautiful Ann! Well done!!
Lots of sacrifices on this side of heaven... but Hi gives lots of rewards. You are an exceptional family...all of you.

Crown of Beauty said...

Congratulations to dear Ann...and praying that she will land the right job, the one God intends for her.

Been unable to visit as often as before, but you're always close to my heart.

Blessings and love