"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Way We ...

... Were

I have finally put up my portrait on the wall above the office desk. Next to it is Mr. Mac's gun toting portrait in uniform. The way we were ... in the mid 1990's. Funny to see these two much younger versions of ourselves staring back at us from the days of our youth. I wasn't going to put my pic up, but my blank 'trophy' wall next to Mr. Mac's 20+ year career trophy wall was beginning to get 'occupied' with more of his plaques of platitude. I had to put a stop to that! Now intermixed with his official looking certificates and professional on the job pictures, I have hung a few of my unrelated items ... hey, it's my wall, ahem. BTW for the record, that's my shotgun he's holding :)

Next month we celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. He's making plans for a romantic get-a-way here and here


FlowerLady said...

Great photos of the two of you! It is always interesting looking back to the way we were. We still feel basically the same, but we look different. Congrats on your upcoming 29th. We just had our 40th last month. Where has the time gone?

It looks like your DH has a wonderful weekend getaway planned. Enjoy!


Pat said...

Oh your beautiful thing! What a stunning picture!
How nice that hubby makes those romatice getaway plan...keeping the love alive!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Macbeautiful.
What a high class lady you were and are.
Quality and perfection all the way, in your looks and acts.
I can see you have made a good choice in husband as well as interior design, gardening and blogging.
I think that's just how you are from God's hand.
(In contrast to me, a whimsy "root-head"; God likes me anyhow.)
Best of all is your devoted mothering. Few know what it takes, I think I have an idea.
Be blessed and have a delightful celebration.
From Felisol

therextras said...

ditto what Felisol said. ;)

LOVE Leavenworth! Looks like the city has moved past being just an Alpine imitation to an all round tourist spot.

Early Happy Anniversary!


Louise said...

Oh Mrs. Mac, no wonder the two of you fell in love...such beauty in each of you and look where it's brought you. Enjoy your anniversary. My husband & I will celebrate 42 years next month. Each year is more precious than the last.

Amrita said...

Wow both of you look like movie stars.You are the same.

29 years of love has added to your life and personalities.

Mrs. Mac said...

OK, now fess up you American women .. how many of you chose to have a 'glamor' shot taken during their 'hay-day' in the 90's ... so mine wasn't too cheesy and cost a pretty penny ... their popularity has somewhat dwindled ... maybe as the average waistline has expanded .. so goes the glamor ... just perhaps ... yes,no??

Mrs. Mac said...

Dear Flower Lady,

I was able to view your web page but not some of your blogs .. perhaps I'll try again later when my connection is not as sensitive. Thanks for dropping by. BTW, your flower pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

donna said...

you are beautiful...inside and out...

impressive photos...including the shotgun!!

therextras said...

Ack! I missed the big earring the first time around...otherwise I would have recognized it as a glamour shot! I was one of the few who did not have one. Not regretting it so much, but yours is better than the ones of my mother and sister. lol. Barbara

mrs darling said...

You two were and still are a handsome couple...posively gorgeous! Love these photos!

mrs darling said...

By the way I had a glamour shoot done too in the 9o's. How funny. Wonder what happened to that?

Margie said...

sister! you were HOT!