"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, October 29, 2009


by: Robert Louis Stevenson

      NAKED house, a naked moor,
      A shivering pool before the door,
      A garden bare of flowers and fruit
      And poplars at the garden foot:
      Such is the place that I live in,
      Bleak without and bare within.

      Yet shall your ragged moor receive
      The incomparable pomp of eve,
      And the cold glories of dawn
      Behind your shivering trees be drawn;
      And when the wind from place to place
      Doth the unmoored cloud-galleons chase,
      Your garden gloom and gleam again,
      With leaping sun, with glancing rain.
      Here shall the wizard moon ascend
      The heavens, in the crimson end
      Of day's declining splendour; here
      The army of the stars appear.
      The neighbor hollows dry or wet,
      Spring shall with tender flowers beset;
      And oft the morning muser see
      Larks rising from the broomy lea,
      And every fairy wheel and thread
      Of cobweb dew-bediamonded.
      When daisies go, shall winter time
      Silver the simple grass with rime;
      Autumnal frosts enchant the pool
      And make the cart-ruts beautiful;
      And when snow-bright the moor expands,
      How shall your children clap their hands!
      To make this earth our hermitage,
      A cheerful and a changeful page,
      God's bright and intricate device
      Of days and seasons doth suffice.

      Photo Art: By Mrs. Mac, October 2009


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Your photo art is beautiful, a clean and enhanced landscape talking a language of its own, accompanied by R.L. Stevenson.
Have a blesed weekend.
From Felisol

Rebecca said...

Whoa...I must have missed something by just going to the scarf Blog...today I recieved a postcard from Peachland...I bet we were there at the same time.....small world....thank you so much ..it is so beautiful there....I try to go there at least onece a years to recharge my "beauty batteries" with my friends who all migrated there once they got fed up with Manitoba winters!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Nice artwork! and thanks for the postcard. BC is a gorgeous place!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful artist. Combining words and images for beauty and inspiration. I will re-visit this one just for my own comfort and pleasure.


you really should visit my blog today, Mrs. Mac. :0

Terry said...

dear mrs. mac..i was just reading your profile and i noticed about what you said about the walton family and i think that it must of been meant for a compliment.
as i watched you building your new home, it was so exciting and i felt so happy that you were making sure that it was real homey with your many windows and your claw foot bathtub.!
and your pretty but albeit naughty dog!
if there ever was a walton ma...it is surely you!....love terry

ps..when we do finally get to visit your home mrs. mac would you give me your most solemn promise that i will get to use that bathtub before miss patty?
she can always use the shower in the basement, eh?