"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Imagination At Play .. The Great Pumpkin Train Run

Play and imagination are great tools for children to develop. Yes, some use their imagination in such a way as to become something outside their ordinary capability. Take my son, Nathan, for example. He is rather standoffish most of the time until you are invited into his social world. In this world, he is just an average (well maybe not so average .. but for him, it's average ;) kid with some of the similar likes and dislikes as any teen: A girl he's sweet on; the most current movies (albeit, still in the Disney mode); video games (OK, not the violent ones), and so on. Then there is his imaginative side. The one that comes out once in a while when he dons his 'Mr. Incredible' costume. A macho side that struts with his (fake) pumped up muscles to show the world that 'he's all that' (to quote a passe teen phrase). The imagination at play is hysterical from my view but important none the less. It shows me a more 'typical' side and what Nathan is capable of.

Yesterday our family went on a scenic fall train ride ... and for a few moments Nathan was able to SHINE while he pretended to be Mr. Incredible. Then the spell was broken when some nearby train patrons decided to laugh and cackle out loud SO much as to send him back 'inside' his being. Back to a standoffish little boy that has quirky behavior (autistic traits) and needs the protection of his family. But, oh for a few moments, he shined brightly!

Pics: Top .. Mr. Incredible/Nathan
Bottom .. Nathan with big sister Elizabeth and his little (dragon) nephew Jacob


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
We hall cherish these "star moments". They show us the incredible possibilities of Nathan, and other kids as well.
My daughter once said; "I can do anything, when I'm not Serina."

Nathan sure has got lots of good drive in him.
And he's so lucky, having his family who see and embrace just that.
From Felisol
PS Your daughter must be your spitting image. At first I thought, "Has Mrs. Mac started dying her hair again?"
Lucky you, lucky her.

Anonymous said...

I like a good hardy-har-har myself unless it is at the expense of someone else. I will hope for much repetition of shiney moments for Nathan, and you.

Loved the photos - darling grandchild, super son, and agreeing with Felisol - a daughter in your spittin' image. How's that for a few passe phrases?


Amrita said...

You understand your son so well and are so sensitive to his needs and personalities.You let him be what he wants to be, that 's the greatest. You are an inspiration for parents with "differently abled" kids.

Nate ' a sweethart.

I wonder, if I ever meet him will he accept me as a friend -

Mrs. Mac said...

Amrita. A trip to mcDonalds will make him your lifelong friend ;)

Kathryn said...

Love the pics. And that Nathan can step outside himself when he is in a role. Think we (at least shy ones) are all like that a little.

Enjoyed your previous posts. I wasn't up to doing more than reading for a few days. And i love the pics of you & Mr. Mac. What a lovely couple. And what a gorgeous woman you were. I haven't such a pic to look back on! I'm envious. :)

Deb said...

I have been neglecting my comments!!...time to take a moment to breathe today and let you know that I've been here...just not typing so often.

I have to say that Nathan looks very cool in his Mr. Incredible costume! It's wonderful when kids forget their surroundings and truly allow themselves to be who they are --lovable, imaginative, creative little beings! ...a shame that the other patrons laughed a bit too much --hopefully it was unintentional - not realizing that their behavior would send Nathan back into his protective shell. But for few moments, I imagine that his antics brought much joy to you!!

I'll keep you posted via the Sister's blog regarding Randy's surgery. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

I'm praying for God to abundantly bless you this day!! Love you!

Jada's Gigi said...

So fun to see them disappear into fantasy world where all things are possible and oh so real. I'd love to join them sometimes but it seems to be a gift not often given to adults.
Too bad the train patrons spoiled it for him...hopefully he was able to enjoy his ride anyway.

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful day with your Mr.Incredible. I am a very private person in public who comes to life like a 4th of July sparkler at home. I can relate just a bit...grin. Love the pictures. I've been such a sluggard about blogging since my husband has been home 24/7 with health problems and starting the retirement process. I'm glad you're still here for me to come visit. Thanks for the big smile I'm wearing! 'hugs' from Maggie Ann

Stacey,momof 2 said...

I think Nathan's a great Mr.Incredible...
shame on those people who DIDN'T see, Nathan, AKA Mr Incredible as joyfull and special--

and those pictures of you and yours-- Lovely!

I popped over via Barbara at TherExtras!

Constance said...

We tend to lose that childlike ability to pretend as we grow older and that's sad. I love the picture of you as well as the one of Mr Mac! I enjoyed the pictures you shared and I didn't realize that the Columbia Icefields Hwy would require snow tires or chains already! Makes sense though! We will be in Banff/Jasper the last 2 weeks of Sept next year and thanks to you, I'd better mention that possibility to the Hub!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi dear Cathy,
I just read up on the last three posts. You definitely look lovely on that wall! Wow... I am sure that pic of "the way you were" more than makes up for all the years that there has been nothing there! A good way of making your presence felt...

And the Tim Hortons... I never tasted any of those goodies but over in blog world I have read about how mouth watering the doughnuts are. And I just love doughnuts.

Mr. Incredible Nathan, what lovely pictures of him, and I just love the way you wrote that story. I know I have told you this before, but I'll say it again: I do admire you for all the pains you have gone through to make life "as normal as possible" for this young man.

Thanks for sharing...


Pat said...

What a great fall family outing for all of you! To bad it was interupted by people who were insensitive...but like you said, in Nathans moment...he shined brightly. I can only imagine that those moments are extra bright and burn another moment of deep love in your heart.
Tell Mr. Incredible Man that if I make it to your neck of the woods, first businees of the day will be to McDonalds...french fries for every one!!