"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Summer Hump .. er .. maybe Slump

ere it is midway through the summer. Heatwaves are happening all over the country and world in the Northern Hemisphere. While I do believe we, the human race, can do a better job of taking care of our environment, I don't believe in all the hype of the global warming fanatics. Does it really make sense to replace standard light bulbs with ones that give off terrible light, contain a small amount of mercury, and a person needs a hazmat suit on to clean up if it accidentally breaks. Does it make sense to import said bulbs from China and burning all of the fuel it must take to ship them overseas? Bulbs that are supposed to last for years and years .. when in reality, I've already had to replace three in my kitchen pantry just this year after six months of use. What about the cost? What about using the bulbs in lights that can be dimmed? Not happening unless you fork over even more money for dimmable CFL's. Our planet is in a state of flux ... could be from solar storms .. but such conditions have existed even before man invented the industrial age. In the 1970's the scientists were talking about the coming ice age. Global warming is big business. And just who/whom stands to profit from all of the change? Does our government think that money grows on trees? Have you really turned in your older vehicle .. a clunker .. for cash (a tremendous amount of a cash rebate) for a 'government' approved .. energy efficient new car model. Do you really want to buy a car from Government Motors (I mean GM)? There is so much nonsense going on that the 'smart' people in Washington .. look pretty stupid. They are printing and distributing money that will have to be paid back by our great grand kids. Some of you people voted in CHANGE last November. Not that new leadership wasn't welcomed .. but is this dramatic change what ya bargained for?

In defense of incandescence .. read here all ye poets!

Disclaimer: This post was written while sitting up in my very hot bonus room. I take no responsibility or credit for offending anyone that reads here ;) ... especially YOU!

Photo: Mr. Nathan at his best ;)


Julie said...

Amen sister! I agree with you 100%!

For me, there are also many other things that the government and media (who are largely controlled by said government) are making a big hype about...all in the name of making more money. Y2K ring a bell?

My Bible tells me that things aren't going to be very "nice" in the last days, and I think we are starting into that. That's why I don't worry when words like recession and global warming are thrown around, because God is in control...and God certainly does not know the word recession!

One good thing that's come out of it is that people are being more careful and less wasteful, which is a good thing.

Trish said...

I LOVE this photo of Mr. Nathan...what a smile that boy has!!!

LynnS said...

To figure out the Goverment, just follow the power and money trail and the answer is easy. The "cap and trade" Waxman-Markey Bill is a real money-grab for some corporations like GE.....gawd don't get me started!

As for "global warming", our Earth has been warming and cooling since its creation. There is proof with paleoclimatologists who can show 100,000 year cycles of heating or cooling by measuring rock, fossil, and glacier ice. DUH.

While I have always been conservation-minded, I will never hop in on the 'go green' fad or the Fed-hype. Yes, Mrs. Mac., that Cash-For-Clunkers program is a complete farce. Using Federal money hot off the printing press to subsidize newly purchased cars while destroying the trade-ins, then shipping the remains to China, only to receive them back later. How much energy and carbon-based fuel did THAT take? Sometimes I wonder if the Feds try to outdo their stupidity when I look at programs like that one. Or nationalized health care.

On the good side, your son is a doll!!

Maggie Ann said...

That's telling it like it is! I'm with you...

Maggie Ann said...

p.s. that's an adorable picture of Nathan!