"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, July 16, 2009

JPN - Thunderstruck!

Just Plain Nuts!

Last week ended rather nicely with a lake cruise.

This week has been up and down with nutty things happening. There was a rather wicked storm that blew through several nights ago. I found Nathan 'holed' up sleeping in the bathroom .. on the floor .. near the toilet .. with a few towels and his pillow .. exhaust fan and lights on .. Why? Was he sick?? No, just trying to drown out the thunder and lightning that had him in a tailspin meltdown. Of course, that meant the dawg went nuts as well. She was pacing back and forth in the garage .. the likes of a mad dog. I put up a baby gate to block her from coming up the steps leading into our home .. gate now has bent wires. Said dawg was put in her kennel (willingly) .. but proceeded to paw and tooth her way out .. chipping off her top canine teeth (her nickname is DAD .. dumb a$$ dog). We have a sedative to use for such 'events' .. fireworks on the Fourth .. etc. I had already given her a few doses the past few weeks so didn't want to have her 'pop' so many pills. The effect is pretty much a triple margarita hangover (so the vet says .. not from my prior experience and lasts for an entire day. I'm taking up a collection for the vet bill should anyone wish to contribute ;)


Felisol said...
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Margie said...

he is so cute! once during a storm I chewed the nose right off my teddy bear!

He's getting so big! And more handsome!!

Constance said...

Leave it to me to comment on how CLEAN the toilet area is! That's remarkable when you have a boy!

In our house with my Meterologist-minded son, thunderstorms are like an adreneline rush for him! He tells me all the time that sunshine is so incredibly boring! He lives for those thunder, lightning, tornadic winds and so on.I've already told him that once he's at OU in their School of Meteorology, tell me what you're doing AFTER the fact! I don't want to hear how you're going out and storm chasing. Just show me the pictures when I know you are safe and sound!

Trish said...

I am proud of Nathan...he solved the problem, calmed himself down and curled up and went to sleep! That is great!!!
As for DAD (made me laugh) when dogs lose their minds, there is always damage either to themselves or the house! And sometimes both...I'd say the next time, pop a pill in that dogs mouth...regardless.

Deb said...

Fortunately noone is afraid of storms in our house - even Bentley settles in and enjoys the thunder.

Nathan is too precious on the floor! Good for him for seeking out a shelter from the storm!!

Pat said...

I don't mind the thunder, but I'm not crazy about lightening. Nathan has good problem solving skills it seems, and I agree with Connie, your toilet area is very clean!

Becky said...

like the pic and the story.

Jada's Gigi said...

That picture is priceless! :) You do have a crazy house when the storms come thorough don't you? We have a DAD too...lol except he barks at the unseen instead of storms and firecrackers..hes' too deaf for those..LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mrs. Mac!

Add my praise to the others for Nathan taking care of himself. We are all glad you had the presence of mind to snap a shot - I was imagining my uncarpeted and cold hard floor. I agree - what a nicely clean spot for the purpose it serves.

So sorry your pooch is worse for the weather.

Myself, I love thunderstorms. We could use a bit more moisture down here - please send the next one (strongly) south! Barbara

Jim said...

Hey M&M, that Nathan is getting older and wiser. I do hope his girl friend will stay around, that does his heart good.
Sorry about you storms, out new dog, Katrin, barks a little at the thunder. That is the way she checks with me to make sure things are okay.
BTW, I am a new grandpa again. Come see.
That has been keeping me almost to busy to blog any.

Julie said...

Hi Mrs. Mac,

Got your comment on my photo book site. My "old" internet was disabled just last week, but I wasn't able to save my addresses before they did that, so I've lost your e-mail address.

Can you please e-mail me at photobookinspirations@live.ca.



Saija said...

we've had cats that went nuts when bad weather blew through ... this little black kitty we now have is part deaf i think! doesn't bother him at all ...

leo and i love to watch storms ... there is something awesome in it!

but i sure can see how a little boy might want to just block out the frightning noices!

blessings on your week!

Julie said...

Hi Mrs. Mac,

Yes...I would like to be included in the directory. Thanks!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh what a time you've had! Nathan was pretty smart to try to drown out the noise of the storm. You know, there is something kind of secure about the small area of a bathroom, inspite of it being the home of the toilet...lol. Our neighbor gives her dog tranquilizers sometimes too. And yes, that is the 'tp' poster girl from long ago. We had some of her posters in art class way back when and we 'artists' would sketch them. Ha ha.