"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, July 13, 2009

Out And About

Saturday was a most perfect day. Warm temps, blue skies, a lake boat cruise with Nathan. Now this trip was to observe osprey birds and their nesting habitats. I forgot Nathan doesn't like birds. Think Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds, movie ... and you have a picture of Nathan's terror. We went with a neighbor and her visiting little grandson. All was well until birds were mentioned. Nathan balked and found a quiet little niche away from the display and caged birds brought on board the cruise. He somehow managed to enjoy the sights (minus the screech sounds) from his
own little perch.

Photos: Mrs. Mac and little friend taken by Nathan, osprey in flight, lake shore, old 'binocular eyes' Nathan, eating a cinnamon roll & watching birds .. Nathan


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your life! hehe. Well, at least reading about it, and seeing your photos. LOVE that photo of Nathan smiling. Hoping he will outgrow his fear of birds. He has time.

Pat said...

I'm with Nathan on so many things. I too love McDonalds french fries and I'm not crazy about birds either. At least those screechy threatening types! However, I do love crusies like these...I would have loved to been along with you guys....and had a cinnamon roll!

Constance said...

What a fun day! My husband Dave was on his fishing trip up in Canada last month and he showed us video of an OSPREY nest that has been in this same location for over 30 years! I doubt it was the SAME bird, maybe one of its great great birdies! Ha Ha!

Crown of Beauty said...

I loved this post with the pictures of you, Nathan, and some of the surroundings. Gives me an idea of what life is like in that part of the world...

Your Nathan looks like a cheerful young man in the picture with the cinnamon roll.

Thank you for your deep and insightful comments on my blog post for today.

Blessings, and will continue to pray for America.

Kathryn said...

Wow. I know that the area in which you live & that where we live are similar, even tho we are miles & miles apart, but your lake looks so much like ours!

Looks like you had a wonderful day in spite of the birds. You both look so happy in the pics. Thank you for sharing! :)

Amrita said...

Ooohh look at this !

This is an aquatic paradise.

Nate 's got that million dollar smile

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Mac and Nathan,

Loved the photos of you two and those million dollar smiles. I can't get over how he is morphing into such a happy young man and doing all the things for himself that you used to do. It seems as if he has grown older just since we were there. Was that the same type of boat we were on when we visited in 2007? Give Nathan a kiss and hug from grandma and grandpa. We love you all very much.

Constance said...

You left a comment on my blog about getting up to the St Louis area to pick up some family heirlooms from your bio father. I guess I forgot that. Why am I thinking Valley Park area, is that right?

Constance said...

House Springs! Holy Cow! My stepmother works at the Wal-Mart in House Springs and when I was a little girl, we lived in Cedar Hill, 6 miles down the road on HWY 30! My Bio dad and Stepmom live a little further down, they're in Robertsville! Talk about a small world!

Terry said...

dear mrs.mac..nathan may be afraid of the birds but he sure isn't afraid of the water, like i am!
just look at that gorgeous little lad and his reflection sitting as happy as can be looking out over that blue water!
he is a good boy!....love terry

Terry said...

dear mrs.mac,
did you get my email...please let me know, ok?....love terry