"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Life Happens

Edit .. update of Nathan with proof of liking his bath :)
The past two weeks have been a nice mix of milestones for Nathan. The child has had his ups and downs in life ... and I have developed much patience. He recently acquired the gumption to bathe himself! After 13 years of ME having to give him a bath, a chore much like giving a cat a bath, he has decided that being a clean teenager is more conducive to having a little gal pal ;) Just the mere mention of her name makes him stand up and pay attention! He is quite smitten and is not ashamed of his affection for a certain girl. It's not as though they see each other often. In fact, not since the first part of June have they had contact. But, he holds her in his heart strings and that seems good enough for him (a good thing by me). Whew!

About a week or two ago, I heard an unfamiliar sound from the bathroom. It was Nathan in the tub not sure how to set the water to the perfect temp for his bath. He was able to wash and dry himself off. His maturity in self grooming has greatly improved. Now he is capable of putting on his jammies and brushing his teeth as well. To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement.


Crown of Beauty said...

This is so encouraging. I believe the Lord is fast tracking his growth, and we will just be amazed at what will be happening in this area of growth and development in the near future!

I'll keep praying for you and Nathan!

Maria Stahl said...

Amazing what one good woman can do. (That's you.) And one good little girl, and her sense of smell. :o)

WV: cersor. when your backspace key gets stuck and censors out the 500 characters to the left of your cursor.

Constance said...

I think the rest of us take for granted the milestones that Nathan has achieved! I would imagine that having a special needs child forces you to "slow down" and acquire much patience. Congrats Nathan!

Pat said...

There are so many meaningful and wonderful messages in this post. Praise the Lord for Nathan's milestones and for a Mother who is so loving.
What strikes me the most? Love.
Those feelings that Nathan has for his little gal pal have caused him to yet develop further. Your love for him has brought him to this step, and God's love. God said Nathan is important..he's worthy of being loved and giving love. My heart is also filled with love over this beautiful post.

Trish said...

Isn't it amazing what love can do!?
God's love, a Mama's love and now the love of a new gal in his life. It is like a balm covering his soul!
What an uplifting post...Go Nathan!

Terry said...

how often has that little child brought happy tears into my eyes, you will never know mrs. mac.
he is truly your gift but he is all of ours too.....love terry

Louise said...

What we take for granted is a milestone in the life of another ...

Jada's Gigi said...

I can remember how ecstatic I was when my babies learned how to bathe and dress themselves..I can only imagine your delight and joy after waiting so long! Hooray for Nathan!

Amrita said...

Oh Mrs mac, its so wonderful to read how Nate is progressing.Man he is growing!
Kudos to you who have nurtured and cherished him, like an eagle looks after her young ones.

Margie said...

AMAZING! The things we do for love!

Terry said...

hey mrs. mac...that sure doesn't look like my claw foot bath tub!
that nathan is a real cutie!
love terry

gee...how many bathrooms have you got in that house mrs. mac?