"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, April 17, 2009

This Week In Review

... I put in a good three days of outside work and have the sore muscles to prove it. Winter's accumulation of flab is falling by the wayside (wink). My garden is now enlarged and fenced in to keep the deer and moose out. A gate is all that's needed. Today was a good day to burn yard debris; I teased the Mr. as he worked inside washing dishes and made the bed! This is my second year to have a veggie garden. I think it will take about two more years to get the hang of everything. If my dad lived close by, he could lend his expertise.

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Northeast Iowa Mom said...

I recognized your illustration as Carl Larsson at first glance! Love it!

WV = surbio. It's a new model of car put out as a last-ditch survival mechanism by a foundering US automaker. "Surbio. Sleek. Fast. Economical. You."

Pat said...

Hal always does the dishes and cleans the kitchen at night. He took it upon himself after he retired, and I'm certainly not going to argue!
How about some pictures of your garden progress? It's going to be a wonderful harvest at your place!!

Louise said...

Pic's of your garden in progress is a good idea, please consider doing that. My Fred cooks most every day and we usually both clean up the kitchen together.

Constance said...

When we lived in Nebraska I had the most wonderful garden! Our mobile home park was on what used to be the old stockyards so the ground was very hospitable. I grew corn, tomatoes, green beans, okra, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers and lettuce. I canned a LOT of produce during those summers. I remember going out and picking tomatoes or cucumbers and slicing them up to go with dinner. sigh.. I had NO luck whatsoever when we lived in Colorado and my green beans burned up on the vine down here in Texas! Maybe once we make the move to Montana or Idaho I'll be in a better position to once again have a garden.

Crown of Beauty said...

I can feel the joy, and your post has given my heart a delight. I loved the picture you posted... okay, so no more intruders into your garden now that the fence is up.

Enjoy your garden, enjoy spring!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm looking forward to gardening this year....I think because of your 'garden' blog...=) You've inspired me! Do you know, my newspaper 'pots' are still holding up fine! I'm so glad you shared that. Thank you!