"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, April 04, 2009

10 To Do Today

1. Read my Bible

2. Make fried breakfast potatoes for Nathan (again;)

3. Read paper ON THE FRONT PORCH rocking chair with fresh cup o' coffee while petting pooch's noggin (called multitasking).

4. Sit outside in intermittent rays of SUNSHINE!!! (been a bit deprived of late ... good dose of vit. D).

5. Fill bird feeders in back yard.

6. Scratch up a patch of thinly snow covered veggie garden (dirt looks like chocolate cake ... a good sign).

7. Rotate reading one of five books.

8. Walk every inch of our two acres looking for any sign of SPRING!

9. Change two beds ... wash sheets & towels ... tidy laundry room.

10. Enjoy a new supply of Happy Juice from aforesaid 'chores/duties'

Enjoy your Saturday ...

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Trish said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better and able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It was a beautiful day here in Michigan...signs of Spring are popping up everywhere!
BUT a snow storm is headed our way Monday...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Now that's my kind of multi-tasking!

Glad I stopped by - feeling better just reading your 10.


Terry said...

oh how i would love to take that two acre walk with you mrs. mac.
bernie and i used to walk for miles and now i can't even walk half a block...sniff sniff...feel sorry for me day...ha
maybe the pace maker will help strengthen them legs up....ha...love terry

Jim said...

Hey M&M, you are doing too much. If you would cut back to six or seven things you wouldn't have some many problems doing them all.
Keep walking unless your joints won't take it any more (or your back). I'd send you lots of green if you will pay the postage. Monday or so I will show a few green pictures for you on my blog.
I'm getting tired of iki.

Crown of Beauty said...

What a happy post, dear Cathy! Your happy juice has transferred over to me, just reading what you wrote.

I know spring will be there soon!

Constance said...

On Saturday Dave and I got our Spring plants and flowers and worked in the yard! After church yesterday we stopped and bought some more! Yeah Springtime!