"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Swing Of Things

Summer is finally here in the great Northwest. Spring appeared and disappeared in about a week, paving the way for the exploration of warm weather get-a-ways. Mr. Mac spent his first month of retirement putting a dent in his honey-doo-doo-list ... but I've caught him taking a nap several times a week in the hammock. My soldier boy is home on leave ... having arrived on Father's Day! The graduate is discovering that summer fun and no job leaves quite an empty hole in one's wallet ;) ... and that a full college class load this coming fall might mean having to work extremely hard. A parents dream is when their children have a light bulb moment and discover that money doesn't grow on trees. We will have a full house by Thursday when company arrives so I will again be away from my computer. Hopefully ya-all are enjoying your vacations and are not suffering from the foul weather as of late. Hugs to all.


Jim said...

Hi MM. We are having beautiful weather here, a little warm perhaps.
So you are getting used to having a full time hubby again! Be thinking of a lot of honey do's in case he gets in your way too much.
I'm glad your family will be there this weekend.

Terry said...

I haven't been at your place for a bit because I have had a very bad cold.
I am really glad that when I saw your soup that I did make up the chicken broth like I told you I was going to. Little did I realize that I would be eating a lot of that chicken soup the last few days. I really think it is helping along with the antibiotics that the doc gave me.
Go figure, eh?

I think that I will go and see that Mr.Jim and ask him if he as any spare chilli...Now THAT would hit the spot!

I am glad that your soldier boy is home. The whole family is together and that will be so grand!....Love Terry

Amrita said...

Hugs and love to you

Constance said...

I'm sure having your family gathered together is the best part of this summer! You mentioned crummy weather and I have asked for prayers for my folks and the threat of flooding where they live!
Ta Ta for now and enjoy your company!

Pat said...

Glad the warmer weather is back...I am enjoying every moment of it.
So you having some guest use my room, huh? I imagine that's ok, any friend of yours is a friend of mine! Enjoy your company!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I've spent an entertaining and interesting hour with you and your family.
Seems you are all coping fine with all the changes life has brought your family the last months.
Our only daughter graduated from high school last year. That made a major change in our lives.

Things have turned out better than we feared, but the money lesson is a tough nut to crack.

We're trying, but then either I or her father is getting trapped and treat her like she was ten instead of twenty.

Your hubby being an officer probably has a better grip on things. Teachers are simply too soft.

I like reading about Nathan. I worked with amongst others chromosome + children and adults most of my carrier. They are God's gift to mankind. Even now after all these years, they make me happy inside and smiling outside when I meet them in town.

I don't say they are all alike or that their lives are all sunshine, cause that's not true.
But most of them have this gift for spreading genuine contagious joy and thus reminding me of that the most precious gifts cannot be bought.

Actually two of my co students from nursery school have had children with Down's syndrome.
They are lucky, but very busy mothers, who would not trade their children for the world.

The eldest Mac son home for father's day must have been a real gift.
He is in my prayers together with Pilot and Joey.
I cannot and will not try to imagine how tough it must be to be his mother.
I can only pray.

Enjoy your summer each and every day. They are like pearls on a most valuable necklace.
From Felisol

Saija said...

so glad you have family all around ... ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

Jada's Gigi said...

Sounds like a perfect summer in the makings..enjoy your kids, your hubby...savor all of it!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I tried to email you this letter and four times it shot back to me!
"Well", I thought, "there is a way to beat that!"
I just copied and now I am going to paste the message right here!!!
Ha!!How thankful I am to Passing-thru that he taught me that little trick!

Hello Snow Queen. How nice to hear from you!
Yes, I knew that your son was home, and it must be so nice for you.
You know when I lost my wallet at the park and Bernie and I went back to look for it, I think a really nice thing happened. When I saw a couple of men[and they were Muslims, I am sure], we asked them if they knew if anybody had found a wallet. They said they had just gotten there and they told us that they would help us look. And so they did, with no success of course. Before Bernie and I left, I asked them where they were from. One man lived in Welland and he told me that his friend and his friend's family were visiting from Toronto.He pointed to some pretty ladies in the distance who were pushing their children on the swings.
I was so grateful to the two men, I told them, "I have to give you both a hug for your kindness", which I did.
On our way back to the car, I went to the ladies and told them, "I want to hug you both because of a kindness that your husbands did for us".
I never told them what but my!, how they love getting hugged. Oh Mrs. Mac they were real mothers with their long dresses and wrapped heads and loving attitude
I told Bernie when we got back into the car., "you know, it will be so nice the day that comes when there will be no more war and all people of every nationality will love each other!"
I thought of those two precious boys, your son and Pilot-Mom's son who are over there fighting for the freedom of those Iraq and Afghanistan people...

God bless them and God bless America!

You know, I wasn't even worried about my wallet after this incident Mrs. Mac, and the next evening the police officer phoned us to tell us to come and pick up the wallet!

Thanks for your letter!....Love Terry
----- Original Message -----

Mrs. Darling said...

How lovely that pic is! Summer is made for family and friends.