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Friday, June 27, 2008

Man's Newest 'Tower of Babel'

Stop the world, I want to get off! Man's latest (supposed most greatest) quest to unravel God's design of the universe is about to be unharnessed at the end of this month. A giant 'Atom Smashing Magnet' buried in Europe. Designed to discover 'the God Particle' ... I'm amazed that He hasn't just zapped us long before now. And I thought that messing with the sanctity of life was horrific ... now Man wants to examine God's fingerprints even further. Anyone else heard about this matter? Really ... my mom mentioned this story to me yesterday so I've been checking it out. Google 'atom smashing magnet' and see for yourself.


Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..I never heard of it before but I googled it and my mind is just too weak to understand the complexity of it.
It does remind me of the Tower of Babel though.
Seems to me all the millions of dollars that you American citizens have had to pay for this could have been used to feed the many hungry people in the States who have no jobs.
Imagine trying to find the finger prints of God. Don't these wise scientsts know that in God's hands remain the nail prints that He will never lose and that were placed there by wicked sinners such as we.
I am sure that we are just rejoicing at the nail scarred Hands.
Those hands that SHOULD have zapped us long ago and yet are still outstretched to us!
We don't have to look for the finger prints of God either because they are all over the place!

The Fingerprint of God is all over His creation for those who choose to see.
The cosmos and sky the earth and its waters, His image in you and me.
In all of nature you can see what the hand of God has wrought.
God’s fingerprint is in His profound order, because by you He wants to be sought.

The heavens display the Glory of God, the stars, planets and companions are beautiful to see.
In the night sky you see a symphony and can almost hear the praises they decree.
The universe to us seems endless like God, but to Him from Heaven it is merely a drape.
In earths pending doom, man searches for refuge in other planets when God is our only escape.

The Earth, moon and sun’s distance is just right, some say a fluke for a lack of a better reason.
God says they are to serve as signs, days and years for planting and harvest season.
God protects us with a barrier above the earth against the sun’s harmful rays.
The sky illuminates with God’s Glory at the rising of the sun, safely giving us the light of day.

God distributes moisture across the earth that only He can engineer in the form of rain.
This supplies our needs for life with the water we drink and as food in watering of our grain.
Plants grow with sun and rain, though common, how this happens we do not know.
God has ordained this since the beginning of creation and since then it has been so.

God has created a common thread in life in order to multiply we will all need.
Whether it is plant, animal or human being we all multiply as God wills from our own seed.
Listen to the bird’s song, water crashing into a shore, and the wind as it rustles through the trees.
Your soul identifies with the sounds He created so you could have an idea of His peace.

God has shown us Himself through His creation, yet only by faith can He be believed.
As we walk, talk and have our being in Him, only by faith can He be received.
Everywhere I look this world screams Creator in every inch of earth I trod.
To think this all happen by chance is ridiculous, it could only be the Fingerprint of God.

Written by Urbano M Chavez

Have a good weekend Mrs. Mac...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Sience only confirms the reality of our creator God

Saija said...

i was reading about this, just this morning ...

how foolish the wisdom of man must seem to our Heavenly Father ... yet He is so patient with us ...

and those of us who look for the appearing of Jesus, await patiently for Him!!!!