"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, June 06, 2008

Get Lost Mom

Well I'll be. My youngest child is becoming very independent. After years of me hovering over him, tending to his medically challenged little body. Making sure he didn't run away ... into traffic ... the woods ... out a second story window ... he's gaining such maturity. He loves his family, friends, pooch, and life. But recently he's been gaining such life skills that amaze me. Now I don't usually promote hanging out at smoke filled pool halls, but we were invited to a family friendly one for a birthday party this week. Nathan was invited too. I'm never sure how he'll react to such noisy surrounds ... after a bad experience at Chucky Cheeses one year, noisy establishments and Nathan have been rarely frequented. Upon arriving at the establishment, he discovered the arcade pinball machine area. Within thirty minutes he had made 'new' friends that took a liking to him (a young twenty-something couple). Next thing I know he's basically telling me to 'get lost mom' ;) He's a boy of few words ... but I got the message loud and clear from him trying to shove me out of the room with a pleading look to take a hike. His new friends were amazed at his accuracy skills ... and even helped him 'win' a stuffed animal from the 'claw' machine. Next he was off to join Ann's friends that were playing pool. A few of the teens let him take their turns and now he's hooked on pool. Being the possessor of an extra chromosome can have its advantages: Warming the heart of man to accept the unusual. Walking a path that leads the disadvantaged side by side with the advantaged. Changing the hearts of men one man at a time. Accepting the unlovely as lovely. Way to go Nathan! Enjoy your summer you amazing young man.


Sara said...

he's won me over and we haven't officially met. must be that kicky hat!

Pat said...

What an amazing young man. We must meet in person one day and share some McDonalds french fries.
What an amazing Mom you are too.

Amrita said...

My oh my Nate 's growing up.

God bless you all

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful evening Nathan had..he's growing up, making you proud! What a sweetheart he must be. And..thanks for coming by to have a sundae with me...big smile. I've had a couple of days not so good. I got bit by an insect... a tick perhaps and had to go on med. Well, here I sit and I'm just in here to run off some Sunday Sch. worksheets. Any old excuse to look up a blog friend & say Hi...smile. Hope your Sunday is a dream of a nice day.

Margie said...

he's so cute!! good for him, i love him too!!

Constance said...

Celebrating the gift of Nathan! He is definitely growing up!