"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ushering In The Fall Season

It's in the air and near the lake shore, in the busy little ants making preparation for what is to come. As I drive along the country roads, there it is again ... just starting to show its true colors. The colors of AUTUMN. One by one the leaves on the trees are painted in hues of crimson, burnt orange, and golden yellow. One, by one ... until the whole tree explodes in magnificent color. The lake and river gains more beach as man empties out some of the summer fun to make way for winter's snow melt. Once crowded streets busy with visitors will belong to the locals. The quiet time of the year is nearing. Each day is changing ... goodby my summertime carefree days. Goodby sandles, peddle pushers, and bright painted toes! Hello my old favorite sweater and toasty warm shoes. Hello hot tea and cider with cinnamon sticks. Hello chili with cornbread, my favorite soups and beef stew. HELLO FALL my favorite time of the year.


Birmingham Girl said...

MMMmmm, my favorite season too! That is one thing I missed growing up in LA. I think that Fall starts to quiet my soul from all the noisy celebration of summer and prepares it for the rest and renewal that comes over the winter. Time for celebrating the harvest...I love it!

Phil said...

Oh no, not goodbye to the sandals! I can't say goodbye to my sandals. I mean, I really can't. I have nothing else to wear on my feet. Ugh, guess I need to get down to the shoe store.

Maggie Ann said...

What a happy welcome to fall, you are making me smile! There is so much to be thankful for isn't there!

Mrs. Darling said...

You know we dont get much fall color here where I live. I really love the fall trees. But one of these days I want to go to the New England States and experience fall. Everyone says there colors are so gorgeous. You must have more color there in Idaho then we do here too. Right now as I look out my window I cant see one tree that is colored...not one! boohoo!

Deb said...

i have a musician friend who wrote and recorded the most beautiful song about autumn --you would love it!

One of the lines is "the mountains are painted with rainbows of trees...the sun starts to set early on...you can go on to the south if you please, but autumn is too early gone for me...."

wait...here...go to www.nancydaymusic.com click on "available CDs" then click on "Ballads" then click "Autumn" --turn on your speakers and ENJOY!

If you end up ordering any music --tell her that Deb Erskine sent you!

gramma_s said...

I also love fall, it is my husband's favorite time of year and we were married in the fall, it seems cozy and restful, but there is something about spring when we've made it thru the long hard winter and the world is fresh and new. I love spring it seems to give a burst of energy, but fall brings cozy days, warm fires and tea parties and I don't which I like the best.