"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Finally, after a week of alergy meds, oatmeal baths, lots of prayers and drinking gallons of water, I'm finished with the hives. What started as a bad reaction to OJ was just the beginning of a domino affect from too much stress. Not that I'd ever think of myself as a stress case, but I sometimes heap on too much of a helping of life; after all, I'm not supermom! Last week, my dog was driving me crazy. Poor thing, she's use to a nice fenced-in backyard. Our rental home was "SUPPOSED" to have the fencing completed soon after we moved in ... but to date that has not materialized. So, except for the few walks around the block each week, she's on a yard line 99% of the time. She's a golden retriever that is just beginning to mellow out ... after nearly seven years! Anyway, last week around the time of the hives episode, she kept yipping, which forced me to put a muzzle on her ... which in turn only frustrated her even more ... it wasn't a pretty sight people. Me with hives ... and her with a muzzle and staked to the back patio post ... when she got too wired, I'd put her in her kennel. I would have traded places with her if my kids promised to throw away the kennel key :) They could fend for themselves, Nathan would probably have run away, and I'd have hives and fleas ... NOT PRETTY! Now that my sanity has returned (?), and I decided to put the kennel outside again, life is back to "normal" ... who defines normal? When my three oldest give me headaches, I proudly tell them that little Nathan is the only normal one in the family :)

Today I went to a beautiful local nursery to begin the task of landscaping plants. You say, but your house isn't even finished! ... Ah, but this is a good time to plant trees ... and there are some things that can be done now. So I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the garden. And check out the progress at This New House.

NEWS FLASH ... Go check out my friend's link at "Shallow Thoughts From Iowa" about Facing The Giants ... an actual God praising movie from Hollywood! Coming soon to a theater near you!!
Top photo: Nathan and Elizabeth posing for their dad 9/23/06

signed: Restored in Idaho


Birmingham Girl said...

That's a beautiful picture of the kids!
My daughter has two Goldens, Lucy and Sassy and they both act like rambunctions kids. She was told they would have to be at least 7 before they started to settle down! Since they are only a few years old, we've got some waiting to do!
Glad to hear your back to speed, just don't over do - ya, right!

Jada's Gigi said...

SO glad you are back to normal...whatever that is..:) landscaping..yes a good time for planting trees...what a job though to try and envision eveything with no house yet...I'm not a build my won house kinda girl..I just can't "see" everything...:) but you;re making real progress. Will you be done by Christmas?

Mrs. Diamond said...

I'm glad you are feeling better..... We were considering a golden retriever for our next dog. It really takes them that long to mellow out???

Maggie Ann said...

I marvel at all you get done...glad your hives are gone now..its no fun to be miserable.

Miskaj said...

Hope your hives are gone and all that! I hate to itch at night while
tryignto sleep! Nerve wracking! Really nice site and so very glad I dropped by! Thanks for sharing with me! I am so glad there are people like you around! There are a lot of Christians (people) who "fret and worry" over every little thing and to do so is also known as DOUBT and to be in doubt is not to have the faith that GOD gave unto us so therefore it is SIN! Wow! What a grabber huh!? Yes, GOD says that we are "full of seed". Pregnant is the word HE used for us. All we have to do is allow HIS word to come forth in us and we bring forth HIS children in us (HIS FRUITS) and we become more like HIM in all we do and say! You know the days are passing very fast as GOD said that the "time shall be shortened" in the last days, remember? Well we are there and the last days are upon us, so these days keep turning into weeks and weeks into months and years before we know it, they're gone again and soon there shall be no more as we know them! You know though if you stop and think about it and recall the pleasures of heaven and the peace it brings and all of the love and joy that abound in HIS presence, and if we are HIS child, then WHY should we fear it? Some people do fear the end! It should be the very greatest blessing to us! Something to be "looked forward" to with greatest excitement! Well, you stay safe and be blessed and I will pray all will be well with you always. In HIS love, Katie