"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Not To Do ... Let's See

I don't feel like doing anything today.  But .. so far I've managed to pull weeds, make humming bird food, cook Nathan's breakfast and think about not doing anything for the rest of the day.  OK?  If I decide to work, here's what I'd be doing today:

  • driving to town to purchase spray paint to refinish an antique metal bed frame for the guest room
  • baking bread (too hot)
  • canning pinto beans (too hot)
  • reading a vintage magazine
  • changing the bed sheets (Mr. Mac is sleeping until 3PM .. so that'll have to wait
  • sipping ice tea and snoozing under the shade of a big tree on the hammock
  • cleaning the windows (MIL is arriving in two weeks;)
That's it.  Now I'm off to not do something on my list (except maybe the hammock and tea).  Have a blessed Saturday.


Sandy said...

In this hot weather the hammock
and tea sounds best to me.
Just enjoy yourself!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mrs.Mac, sounds like the good old summertime stuff...I meant to have a lazy/daisy day too but ended up shopping, gardening, cleaning the kitchen. Oh, how could I have forgotten??? We had a torrential downpour of rain last evening and for the first time ever our basement partially flooded. We were kind of panicked for sure when we realized what had happened. The men worked like beavers and we are in fair shape...except the Pergo type floor has to be ripped up soon...=(. Hey, its nice to be here visiting, warm wished for a blessed Sunday.

Felisol said...

In Norway most shops are closed on Sundays. That's great.
Make it a lot easier not to do things.
I have pulled weeds though,and cut myself and some wild rose shrubs.
Out doors electric tools and even lawn moving is also not used in Norway on Sundays.
On the main road not too far away from us, a new road extension has been going on for a year.
On Sundays all the noisy machinery keep their holiday silence.
I am blessed, and I know it might not last much longer, with all secularization still continuing.

Serina and I have cooked a huge Sunday dinner and now Gunnar is doing the dishes, by hand.

I love your guest bed, and would prioritize that. Windows.., they will be dirty again in 2 weeks.
And who cares? Who sees?
Enjoy your hammock and your ice tea.

Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

But you meant well so that counts for something! lol

Diane said...

I am so happy to find that someone beside me gets these 'indecisive, lazy days' too! Hope you enjoyed that iced tea and hammock; that would have been my choice!!! ;)

Crown of Beauty said...

This is just so funny...and you are right to not do anything except the tea and the hammock!