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Monday, July 12, 2010

911 What's Your Emergency?

"Hello ... This is Mrs. Mac.  I have a little son with Down syndrome and he's missing from his bed.  His shoes are gone and his older sister heard the front door shut about five minutes ago.  We've been looking for him inside and outside ... calling his name.  It's pitch black and we live in the woods.  pause ... blood curdling scream can be heard outside (sounds as if coming from a girl) ... Sir ... we've found him, thanks .. and sorry for the trouble.  Click."

Mr. Mac soon calls out that he's found Nathan.  This happened last night around 10PM.  Ann was already in bed and the Mr. and I were watching a movie downstairs in the family room.  The scream??  It was a neighbor girl ... seems Nathan just walked into her home unannounced.  Later I asked why he left and he said he wanted to watch a movie with his friends.  You can bet we will be hiding his shoes at night.  You can bet that our home's alarm. door chimes are once again turned on.  And you are wondering why I have so much gray hair?;)


Sandy said...

I can totally relate to your
episode last evening. Shaun
has left our house and walked
in on various neighbors many
times. Once he even ran through
a neighbor's home, stripped off
his clothes and jumped into the
shower. Another time he helped
himself to a neighbor's soft
drinks and cheetos. And yet
another time Shaun raided a
third neighbor's refrigerator
getting a soft drink and sitting
down in front of their T.V.,
legs crossed making himself at
home. Now it seems funny, then
we were horrified!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
anyway Nathan had a perfectly sound explanation as to why he went for a late night walk.
I wouldn't be too scared, it is actually normal for a boy at his age to move around a bit. There is a bracelet or a medallion sold, where you can write his name, address and telephone number in case he should get lost. I find those useful.
Sleep tight, Mac Family

Pat said...

Sounds like Sara's father in law! They just put toddler door knob covers on the apartments exterior doors for the same reason.
Good thing your prayed up with God's protective hand on Nathan...now that gray hair...wear it with pride.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Mrs. Mac ~ So glad that Nathan was found safe and sound. I can only imagine the panic you must have felt at the time.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Amrita said...

Glad Nate was found close by and he didn 't get lost in the wood.

Hiding his shoes at night and Felisol 's bracelet idea is also good.

A friend once lost her father. Someone told them, he was wandering in the old part of town. When she went to get him , he refused to recognize her.

Your friend Sandy 's had many experiences with her Shaun

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh dear Mrs. Mac, it must have been such a scare.

Walking out into the black night is not something I want to do. And not in the woods.

So glad you found Nathan, and that everything turned out okay!


Anonymous said...

Thanking God Nathan was found quickly and safe. His Guardian Angel is very resourceful in guiding him to be found!

So, he won't go outside barefoot? Are you sure?


Mrs. Mac said...

Barbara...I'm hoping the trend of not liking to go barefoot doesn't end. Once past the driveway, it's all gravel, stickers, and pine cones. And yes, his Guardian Angel works overtime ...

Felisol .. thank you for the reminder about the emergency bracelet (although I may need an anklet for Nathan ;)

Pat ... we have French door handles so the baby covers wouldn't work .. he's resourceful and not opposed to going out a (second story) window ;(

The scream, I later found out, was from my neighbor lady .. not her daughter. She heard Nathan trying to come in her back screen door.