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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Potty Talk

What goes around comes around .. all things potty that is. My little grandson is becoming a big boy now and grandma is enforcing the new rules about not piddling on her wood floors, keeping big boy pants dry, use your words to tell me when 'it's time to go' ... If he wasn't my own flesh and blood, I'd be sending home a little bitty baggy of wet training pants each night.


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. mac,
I've never even heard of wet training pants, and I have been training my fair share in my professional carrier.
I've always found it best to do the training in summer, when wet pants doesn't matter, or when one can walk without if necessary. Boy are easier than girls. They love to fertilize the flowerbeds and show how clever they are.

Potty training should above all be a positive thing and not about shame and punishment.

When I was a girl my mother had to wash cotton diapers by hand both for me and my brother, we are just 15 month apart. No wonder my mother spent a lot of quality time potty training.
Today the mothers don't have time for this sort of thing and they also are more on the road, that makes the training difficult.

Potty training needs to be pretty
persistent while it's on. If the child and it's are motivated, it can be done within weeks.

Not that easy for you to do the training alone, I guess.
From Felisol

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Potty training is the one parenting job I don't miss at all! lol

Mrs. Mac said...

I agree ...parents today are not as actively 'training' their younin's to learn 'potty skills' ... I trained his mother in one day (day and night control) M&M's and a dozen of cute frilly panties did the trick. All of my children wore cloth diapers and rubber pants .. so there was the wetness uncomfort zone factor. In the states, most parents switch from disposable diapers to disposable training (pull up type) diapers. Said product and the lack of having to wash diapers delays parents from training their children it seems. The cost factor would get me on board as disposables are expensive and environmentally hazardous. I agree with Felisol that summer would probably be a better time .. but we've already started the process and don't want to turn back ... although I have a good feeling that's what will happen as we head for our Disneyland vacation.

Felisol said...

Wow, I'm impressed again, Mrs. Mac.
Cotton diapers,- you are a thrifty housewife and mother,- a good one too!
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

My, but he.is.cute!

I think now must be the season - this is the third potty post I have read this morning! ;)


Trish said...

Isn't he cute...I will be helping to potty train Elek this year sometime.
I promised Xavie...Cars underwear and it worked.

Terry said...

that is so cute mrs. mac!
many years ago, we looked after a little child for almost a year and it just happens that during that time i had to train her.
every time she did the job right, bernie and i would cheer and clap our hands for her and this really pleased her and made her want to succeed!
one day, i came home and when i entered the door, there was little lena tugging at my skirts and saying..unka benie, unka beni..yay!
and she clapped her little hands.
she pulled me into the bathroom and pointed! that bad boy had forgotten to flush the toilet!
as far as i am concerned, he didn't deserve any cheers.
i called him downstairs and gave him a tongue lashing!..ha!