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Friday, February 05, 2010

Mom's Secret Medicine

...well, it won't be a secret much longer, eh?  For the longest time my medicine cabinet has contained the usual stuff:  bandages, antibiotic cream, bubble tickle (peroxide ... ), headache and allergy medicine ... and a small bottle of hooch.  No specific type ... but rather a high proof number.  A bottle lasts FOREVER (really:).  My youngin's were given this special medicine at the first sign of a tickle in their throats.  Straight up .. in a medicine cup to gargle .. then swallowed .. of course I'd make them eat breakfast soon afterward so they wouldn't have 'medicine breath' at school or church;)  Today was my turn.  Some members of my family have been spreading their love (germs) a little too freely in the form of a mild cold.  And ... my throat started feeling all tickly this morning.  It was time to unlock the medicine box and take a little nip (I mean sip).  Three hours have passed ... and the tickle is gone PTL! 

Update:  It's now Saturday morning ... still no tickle ... everyone else is sick.  It took three doses of my special medicine throughout the day;)   ... and plenty of rest.  I'm just a saying .....


Trish said...

We have a bottle of Irish Mead that we keep around for Hot Toddies when sick...that was my Daddy's medicinal cure all...ooh, it tastes nasty!

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

When I was a child and sick a lot with sore throats and coughs due to bad tonsils, my mom would give me a mixture of lemon, honey and whisky to sooth my throat. It worked and I always slept better...which as an adult makes me wonder if that was the purpose of the whisky! lol

Mrs. Mac said...

The purpose of the hooch is to kill germs :) .. the after affect is nice too;)

FlowerLady said...

Hot toddies do work wonders with honey and lemon and whatever medicine you happen to have. When I was sick last fall, I used Southern Comfort with the honey lemon. Nice and soothing.


Pat said...

At least its "Christian Brothers" LOL!

Terry said...

dear mrs.mac..you have been at my blog so much the last couple of days that i am afraid that the bernie guy who you admire so much gave you that cold!
he has had it for a couple of weeks.
you know, when i first came here, and it takes a while before i am able to stroll down, well i just wondered what was going on with that bottle on YOUR blog!
i must say that a sip would do the trick..
i am almost ashamed to tell you that when i had a bit of a cold a while back that the morning worship wine sure did feel good on the throat!
now don't you dare tell a soul!
i hope that you will soon be feeling well. bernie is on antibiotics and chicken soup....love terry

Jim said...

I was thinking like Pat did, if you're gonna hit the booze, the Christian kind is best.

My 21-year old granddaughter when she was little said her momma takes the burban. She meant Suburban but the teacher didn't understand until talking with my son.
Good news on your grandson. I had forgotten about those things.
And BTW, my eyes are green. My driver's license says brown because the Army said they were. When I was in the Army there were only two color of eyes, blue and brown.
They said mine were brown. KP's are real brown. :)

Jim said...

With all the teasing I forgot to wish you a big

Anonymous said...

Reading here is good for both my soul and throat! I also think the hooch (love that word) works to increase circulation - warm feeling that comforts.


Crown of Beauty said...

I never heard of the word HOOCH before, but thought it might be some kind of liquor...

Looked it up, and I was right after all.

Well, glad it worked for you. I hope you stay well and warm in this winter.


Amrita said...

Hurray for the hooch!!!