"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Fix

The last month of summer is upon us. School is starting soon. Buses will be en route full of anxious students. Moms and dads can catch their breath ... for a moment. Gardens are winding down. New clothes have been purchased along with lace up shoes. Paper, pencils, rulers are ready. What are your best memories of the end of summer ~ beginning of school?

Photos: Nathan at his basketball tournament, August 22-23, 2009


Pat said...

Needless to say, the school supplies were nothing compared to today! I remember I always got new shoes and a few new pieces of clothing which was nice. What I remember most was going back to school in those hotter then *&*^ days of September in California. Walking home from school was torture! I also remember not wanting to get up early!

Trish said...

My favorite back to school memory is gathering at the bus stop with neighborhood friends. And our Mama's and younger siblings waiting there when we returned.
Back in the stone age we needed no school supplies because the schools provided them. Now, my Grandbabies have a list a mile long!

Katy said...

I really don't remember much about this time of year except one year doing some shopping for school clothes with my own money. That was fun...other wise..maybe I remember going to HS football games before it really got to be fallish..those aren't much fun. :)

Constance said...

Going to Catholic schools in my childhood meant no new school clothes and I do NOT count getting a new uniform as getting new school clothes!

CRAYONS! What can I say? I open a box of crayons and I am instantly transported backwards in time and a warm feeling comes over me!

Growing up in the inner city of St Louis, my classmates were pretty localized, we saw each other all summer long at Mass on Sundays or at each other's homes during the week.

My worst memory however is with my own kids. In Denton where we live, you re-register your kids EVERY single year, nothing carries over, you start from scratch every single time! Inevitably the registration was always while we were on vacation. The kids kept starting earlier and earlier to where we had to move our vacation from the first 2 weeks of Aug to end of July and 1st week of Aug. One year, we came home from vacation on a Sunday and the kids started the VERY NEXT DAY! I was registering 3 kids on the first day of school at 3 different schools (elementary, Jr High and High School) and had NO school supplies. I seldom get mad at Dave but I told him to NEVER, EVER do that to me again!!!! (and he didn't! grin)

Amrita said...

Very good description of the changing season together with the fotos.

Your new background is very elegant I like it

Jada's Gigi said...

Hey, that Katy comment is ME! She must have been logged in before me.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Please tell Nathan how cool he's looking playing basketball. Very stylish handling the ball, but also the laid back way he's holding the water bottle in the break.
He sure has had the coolest role models.

To me school was being a happy-go-lucky member of the class. No great challenges nor great material equipment stories. But then we were all in the same boat and had what we needed.
My daughter had a quite opposite situation. Expensively dressed and stashed, but never feeling safe and comfortable the first days of the year.
I wish she'd be as lucky as I was.
From Felisol
PS I've filled my drawers with "old fashioned" light bulbs. Gunnar says we will not need more for the next twenty years.
I've had a real storage problem though.
Also made the other housewives go bananas and pick up what was left after me raiding the stores.
One lady said,"Oh, I don't know, it's always my husband who's buying light bulbs in our family."
She otherwise looked and behaved normal....