"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Basketball, Behavior & Constitutional Rights

Nathan's day camp ended last week. He was getting a bit tired of going four times a week and is glad to be home. Yesterday I signed him up for a basketball tournament (3 on 3) scheduled for this coming weekend. A few local organizations are sponsoring a group of special needs teams to participate in the area event that includes athletes from many different towns. Nathan and his little (gal) friend are on a team with two college age girl basketball players. The kids will be rotated in and out during the three games. This event is 1) local and only for one weekend. 2) A sport he likes and has some degree of success .. making baskets is fairly easy for him as he has great hand-eye coordination.

Soon he will have a program developed to help further his life skills at home and assist me in letting go of over mothering him. A common trait in parents of kids that have been medically, mentally, and/or physically challenged as youngsters. I'm excited about this new endeavor if the result will be in his independence (from yours truly).

Jesus is still on the throne, regardless of what the front page of the local newspaper says. Exciting times/frustrating times politically in the USA.

I encourage everyone living stateside to read our Constitution to know what it says. Many steps are underway to weaken the very fabric of our democracy.

Live, pray, breath, and pray some more.



Amrita said...

Wonderful mrs Mac, this is beautiful.

How blessed people are in the West where help and facilities are available for sp. needs kids. I need not elaborate on the situation in my country.

Nate has the most infectious smile in the world.He can lighr up a room with it

Jada's Gigi said...

Wonderful opportunities for Nathan...and for you. :) Amen to the prayer part too!

Kathryn said...

So agree with you on the Constitution issue! Our rights have been being eroded slowly over time so that few give it a thought anymore. All in the name of "national security" & safety, of course!

I believe it was Franklin who said that those who would abandon their freedoms for security deserve neither. Sigh.

On 4th of July someone posted a copy of the Declaration of Independence. I'd not read it for a while. Oh, boy.

Hoping you have a lovely day.

BTW, the pic you posted on Saturday is stunning. :)

Trish said...

He smiles with his whole being...sweet man!
I do need to brush up on the Constitution...so do our POLITICIANS!
They have just lost their minds!!!
But we have Jesus and well, He's what really matters!!!

Maggie Ann said...

It sounds like you are giving Nathan a wonderful summer! I'm smiling as I type this...what a great thing to have a Mom like you that is loving and your biggest cheerleader. I'm that way for my kids, even though they are adults( and don't have special needs)...and wish my Mom had been that for me.~~Yes, politics are very scary and our Constitution is being threatened for sure. How can God bless America when it wants no part of him!...may He catch us away to be with him ere too many more years pass. We are praying with you.~~Did you ask me about the popcorn? it is a little different...some more chewy than others. But, its the popcorn salt that makes a tasty difference. 3 different kinds. We'll be buying this again.

Margie said...

i have no idea why, but when I ready your post, i instantly relaxed. is that wierd?

have a great day! thanks for helping me breathe a little easier!

Jim said...

Hi M&M, this was a nice update. I am glad Nathan is keeping busy for the summer. That (gal) friend sounds like serious business.

Do you have another list for today. How many of last Saturday's did you get done?
I have studied that Constitution for two college semesters, one with a political science course and the other a law course. It will hold up. I have been sworn to help uphold it!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I'm happy for Nathan, that he can be encouraged to practice his strong side (basketball).
We so often tend to exercise what is not so good, instead of emphasizing success.
Team play is considered to be an advanced skill, since it comprises ability to socialize and work in a team.
I hope to see a picture from the match.
Nathan's smile have so much energy and love in it.

I know too little about the American constitution, but more about the Norwegian.
We are by law a constitutional Christian monarchy and democracy.
I wonder for how long.
I've got to pray some more.
From Felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

It is good that Nathan has a good hand and eye coordination.

And good that he can begin to take more steps toward independence.

You have done very well, as a mom and as a homemaker. I truly admire you a lot, Cathy.

Oh, and the constitution... indeed there is move all over the world to weaken the spiritual fiber holding the world together, but special prayers are needed for your country. The USA has been such a strong bastion of democracy, and Christianity... and we need to pool our prayers together so that her flame will not be snuffed out.

Praying for you and for your country...