"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping Day

Today I am actually looking forward to going to Sprawlmart! It's been ages since there has been any quick snack food available .. not a bad thing .. but when in the depths of despair, ... aaah, well, maybe just a little package of Red Vines candy will be a good thing ;). First I must get the little guys fed their breakfast (Nathan & my little grandson, Jake). Then daughter, Ann, is 'letting me out of my cage' to go shopping.

Today's blessing: Health & a fully stocked garden & freezer full of good eats.


Terry said...

hi mrs. mac
out of the cage will do you no good if you are going after candy.
you have done really well keeping it out of the house so long.
you must be losing weight just like our donna is!
anyways i hope that you had a nice day out.
i hope though that you will be locked up securely in that said cage though when you feel the winter in the bones because we don't want any snow until christmas!!!love terry

Pat said...

Freedom...out in Spralmart, yipeee!
I love shopping alone, till I have to haul the groceries in! Gotta take the good with the bad!
I just hit the sales in one store, now I'm off to the farm market to get the rest.
I hope your day was good...give daughter a big hug for opening the cage doors!

Mrs. Mac said...

My 'cage' can be anytime of the year and really has more to do with a sometimes lack of 'respite' than the actual season. Next month hubby is setting me free for a little R&R with a long time gal chum .. we're supposed to go to beautiful British Columbia for some peaceful rest and sight seeing.

Mrs. Mac said...

P.S. Terry .. with all of the hot flashes I'm having lately .. winter snow sounds so inviting (lol). A white Christmas .. perhaps,eh?

Crown of Beauty said...

Now that you are out of the cage, hop over to my Aug 31 post. There is something there for you!


Trish said...

Nothing like a trip to Sprawlmart. Pray your time alone was good and that you got your Red Vines...I love those things!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend,
Thanks for the visit...never worry one ounce about the awards. Having passed them on, I now leave with the recipients the full freedom to do with them as they please. Keep them to yourself or pass them on to others. There are actually no hard and fast rules when it comes to awards.

Just accept them as a sign of my encouragement to your heart.

Be blessed. You have more than enough to think about dear Cathy.


Maggie Ann said...

Yes, a little candy can lift the spirits for some reason!