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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things That Go Bump and Hiss in The Night

Question: How far (is too far away) from the back door should the outside trash can be?

Answer: When things go bump and hiss and scare the bajeebers out of ya and you have to walk a ways in the dark ... is too far for me!

Living in the North Woods away from city lights affords a person great star gazing opportunities. It also makes for a scary trip to the trash can after dinner in the dark autumn sky. I must first turn on all outside lights, mind you no flood lights, and still there is a path with forty feet of darkness on the nightly trek. Nerves must be mustered up and eyes must adjust to the lack of sunlight to scan the woods for wild and woolly creatures hiding in wait to do .....what? Last week it was a strange horse snort of a sound coming from behind the garden plot. I presume this may have been a moose and turned back inside. Last night, I called in the dawg for her supper and nightly bedie bye routine only to find her sad little face with a few gashes below her eye. This I presume came from one of our neighborhood hissing does (as in female deer). I know you're thinking I could take out the trash in the morning, but by the end of the day it stinks. If I leave the bag in the garage, the dawg will have a midnight snack. So you say, just move the trash can near the back door ... but then it would be too heavy come trash day to wheel it through the landscape rock in the backyard. Hubby is working the night shift. So I'm just about outta options. Tonight I just might be packin a pistol ... sshhh.

I will make a covenant of peace with them and rid the land of wild beasts so that they may live in the desert and sleep in the forests in safety.
Ezekiel 34:25


Jim said...

Got it wrong M&M. With problems like that outside neither the trash can nor the dog should be out there, for sure not the dog at night.

You might like the poem on the link to me this time. With Mr. Mac there you shouldn't be having problems. He should be like the guy I found here (last verse).

Trish said...

Walk softly and carry a BIG STICK!
Poor dawg...and I must say I'd be packin myself a pistol!
I am a scaredy cat!!!!

Terry said...

Hi Mrs. Mac
Although it is snowing and there is enough snow to make you a nice fat snowball, I don't even have the heart to do it after seeing the wonders you have been doing with your blog!
Oh it is so nice and it reminds me so much of Maggie-Ann's lovely blog!
I just came to thank you for your visit on Ruby Tuesday and I really had in mind to throw a snow ball at you, but I will have to wait for another day. Because I want to take the few minutes I have to look at your posts!!!!
Love Terry

Maggie Ann said...

I'm against going out after dark...well maybe 4 feet from the safety of the basement door to stargaze. We have lots of skunk families in the summer that love to shashay around. Be careful...lets see what would I do? How about take the trash out at first signs of twilight?

Deb said...

I empathize with you! We have a bear roaming around our property. I don't take the trash out at night - it sits in the garage until daylight!

I think you should start praying that scripture over your land.

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I am "evencert" that you need to pack a pistol - or pray for protection!