"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Our Special Day

November 8, 1980:
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Remember when we just started out in our married life? Full of such promise ... yet living on a shoestring budget. You have always made me feel safe and protected. Never once have I doubted that the Lord would provide us a home through your hard work...Thank you for sharing the memory making process we have both lived through. We're not quite ready for the rocking chairs ... but just in case you want to sit a spell, let's meet on the porch after dinner to try them out. You bring the hot cocoa, and I'll bring a few quilts. Our love for each other will take the chill right out of the night time air.

All my love,


Photo: vintage 1983 photo of Mr. & Mrs. Mac & Mac Jr.


Amrita said...

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Mac. Beautiful photo

Constance said...

Did I know that we shared the same Wedding Anniversary?! Dave & I celebrated ours by watching our daughter get married the night before!

Sara said...


Pat said...

"A happy anniversary
A happy anniversary
Each Day of the year
May you find Jesus near
A happy anniversary
A happy anniversary
And the Best year you ever had"!

That was me singing that old chorus from waaaaay back. We used to sing in it in church in the old days when we recognized such important events. Though no longer sung - the words still ring true.
Wishing you the best year you ever had...Happy anniversary to Babydoll and Mr. Mac!

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy HAppy Anniversary! all that memory making is grand isn't it? Hope you had a wonderful dinner out..then again any dinner i don't have to personally make is wonderful for me. :)

Margie said...

Happy Anniversary!! that was so cute!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely photograph! Lovely place for a dinner, too! By the way, may I ask, what does HOA stand for?

Jim said...

Hi MM, Happy 28! Isn't marriage wonderful! Especially when it starts getting in the bigger numbers.
You will tell us how you celebrated?

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Crown of Beauty ... I made my way to your blog and enjoyed a little visit. HOA means Home Owners Association ... our neighborhood's governing board of directors.

Mr. Jim ... we ate out at a nice place (steak and Alaskan king crab legs ... yummo) ... since the eatery was near Mr. Mac's new employment, I had him show me where he works.