"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday After Thoughts

Three weekends ago, the Mr. and I went to a local church we've visited before. Mr. Mac actually attends there somewhat regularly. I went there a few years ago and left bawling as there was not a place for Nathan. So on our visit we stopped in the 'cafe' after the service for a coffee drink (seems coffee and Christians go hand in hand these days ;) ... there I met a mom with a special needs daughter that hangs out in the cafe during the service. The worship and message are piped in and there's a TV screen too. She encouraged me to come back with Nathan ... so today was the day to give it a try. He was not willing to go in for worship ... too loud ... so we sat on a picnic table outside in the cold until that was finished. Then Mr. Mac found a booth/table where Nathan became comfortable and we were able to listen to the Bible study. A little bit of bribing was involved to get him inside ... but he managed just fine. God is always so good.


Pat said...

I loved reading this.
All I can say is that I agree....
God is always so good.

Saija said...

amen ... God is good - all the time ...

and i know what you mean re special needs and regular worship services ... leo can't sit comfortably for long periods (even the doctor's office is a rough time) - so we haven't been to a church service for a very long time ...

i thank God for good messages on tv & the internet!!

Deb said...

Cathy....you have NO idea how this post has blessed me! I have been praying for you for the last several months - that you would find a place where you could worship (although not quite the conventional way...) together as a family - and be in a place where you would be able to connect with other Christians. I'll continue to pray that Nathan will feel comfortable enough for you to attend this church regularly...with a minimum of bribery!! :)

word verification for this post:
'nuall' ...as in...His blessings are nuall the time!

Deb said...

...and praying that tomorrow finds you sufficiently groggy to endure your test!!

Trish said...

It wasn't by chance that you met this woman...God put her right there just for you! Hooray! for Nathan. I love our Cafe where I can get a caramel flavored Coffee to enjoy on my way home!
Praying you "Go to Sleep" for your test tomorrow and that all is well!!!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm glad it worked out for you and Nathan. God is always good... it brings tears to my eyes to think on.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mrs.Mac...I have honored you with an award at knitting kat. It makes me happy to give it to you even if you decline! *hugs* from Maggie

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, I read up on the last six posts that I had missed after being away for a while. Thank God for the special treat He gave you. I offered a special prayer for you today.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
congrats with redecorating your blog sites.
I tried myself, but the sidebars were not compatible with my text.
So sad. There are a wide range to choose from.
I could do with a blog-makeover now.

As for your church; where there is a will, there is a way.
I now think of the congregation making Nathan feel welcomed and taken care of.

I would clearly expect that from the church where all the members are considered to be branches on Jesus, the wine tree.

I am praying for God to bless and guide America.
From Felisol

Louise said...

I am very thankful you've found a place for Nathan ... what a wonderful gift. The more I teach my special needs kids in class the more I see the need to give parents this place for their children to feel safe, loved and appreciated for who they are.
Bless you all!

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you all for your heartfelt prayers regarding my medical test and us finding a place in church for our family.

Maggie Ann ... I'll be by your site later to check out the award.

Louise ... thank you for having a heart that's sensitive to the needs of families with special needs children.

Felisol ... with blogger, you have to change the format of your original template before you can apply the third party one ..if I get time, I'll email you easy instructions.

crown of beauty: bless you for stopping by and praying.

Deb, I thank you for your specific prayers regarding my family finding a place in church. ..and for my 'groggy' state of mind during the test ... but I felt everything only was trapped in a cocoon unable to move ;)

Saija ... you know how difficult it is to 'get out to church' .. and I'm glad God is meeting your needs in the comfort of your home via taped services and internet services.

Trish & Pat ... my Michigander friends ... 'though many a mile we distant be, together our hearts shall be' (a phrase my mom once had on a lovely plate that stuck with me when I was a kid ;)

Amrita said...

Good you could ' attend" the service.

I like your new template

Constance said...

For many of us, going to church is something we take for granted! I know that I for one, can not relate to your situation. I would miss the fellowship as well as the collectiveness of praise & worship, to our God who deserves it! God will always make a way for us!