"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Clean Up Your Own Messes

Here's what I found out on the counter this morning ... after going to bed with everything in its place. I wonder who ..........


Jim said...

Hi M&M, doesn't my fall picture want to make you move to Texas! More than half the trees here keep their leaves even in the winter, not counting our many pine trees.

I know what is going on here. Mr. Mac was getting his meds ready (I recognize that one in the blue, but won't mention about it here) for the next day or week.
I have my meds organized better, it might be work a blog as to how I do it.

For your survey in the previous post:
. . . Our house is not messy, on a scale of 1 = terrible to 10 = immaculate it is always between 8 and 10 for the visitors.
. . . Between the scenes it may dip down into the 3 +/- range. Mrs. Jim is not happy when than happens, 2/3 of it is my messes.
. . . My areas of control--out of visitor sight except for the garage--run a steady 1 minus.

At home when growing up, I would take my clothes off and leave them by the closet door. Mom would hang them up and take the ones, underwear for sure, that needed to be washed.
Mom washed every Monday. She washed my clothes even while I was away at college. I had a wonderful Mom.

Mom was also a farmwife besides a full time mother. Around midnight she would get to the egg chores, she inspected every one and cleaned them as needed. We had about 300 hens.
Mom did more than care for the chickens on the farm as well.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Jim ... no, those aren't little blue pills ;) ... but a messy pillbox, eh? Would love to see how you organize yours. Hubby has tried to organize this mess before, but conceded that it was useless. So now we just have large plastic bags with everyone's own stash of meds. But from the pic, this needs to be revamped ;)

Pat said...

I guess it could always be worse! Hal is the only one who takes prescription meds in our house, and his are neat and orderly - very military! Now the over the counter stuff never seems to find a very good permanent home. I too need to do some revamping!

Trish said...

What a nice thing to wake up to! Hey! I'd give him an A for trying!

Sara said...

was the Mr. there?