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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Way To Go Sarah

Did you catch the Republican National Convention last night? Whatever your political views, it was refreshing to see a small town girl step up to the plate and deliver a dose of common sense to the American people. For too long, the country has been run by a small elite pack of special interest dogs ... all the while the greater good of our nation has been swept under the rug to pacify the politically correct groups that need to be reigned in. We can only buy foreign and outsource the production of our national products for so long before we the American people have reduced the very products and workforce that sustain our families to nothing. Somethings gotta give. I give Sarah Palin a great big hand for stepping up to the political plate ... her strong sense of family values, ethics, and common sense approach to problems may be just what our nation needs. She makes John McCain shine!


Julie said...

I agree with you Mrs. Mac! Even though I am a Canadian, and had no idea who she was until she was announced as McCain's running mate, I applaud his choice in a running mate and hope they win the election this fall. We Canadians will have better relations with McCain than Obama, and personally I just don't like what I'm seeing and hearing from Obama

Wish I could have heard her speech last night, but I hear it was great! And what woman/mother couldn't make smart, common sense decisions in Washington and clean things up? LOL! From what I've seen and heard, I can tell she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside...I'm just sorry that some media are intruding into her personal life.

How are you Mrs. Mac? Feeling better now...and enjoying the quiet now that school is back in session?? :0)

Pat said...

Sarah Palin rocks!
I'm not one to be moved too much by political rhetoric, but last nights presentation by Sarah Palin was the best and most moving I can ever remember.
I felt everyone did a good job with their speeches last night, although I felt Mitt Romney was a little flat, but no one touched Sarah's.
She put the states private plane on ebay because it was wasteful...how great!
Did you see her youngest daughter licking her hand then smoothing her baby brothers hair? Priceless!!

Jada's Gigi said...

yes! she does make mcCain shine...what a nice way of putting it.

Constance said...

I enjoyed listening to her speech the other night. I was first made aware of her through Connie Marie's Blog (Living in Alaska). I remember reading her comments upon finding out their new son has special needs and thinking,
"what a class act!" For the first time in this election I feel like I'm voting FOR McCain and not AGAINST Obama!

Seen on a bumper sticker:

"I'm Republican because we can't ALL be on welfare!"

Mrs. Darling said...

I have never listened to any of the speeches of presidental candidates let alone vice presidents. But this year I watched Palins in its entirety and McCains too.

Sorry I just couldnt watch Obamas I was so sick of the Democratic convention! And the only time I caught it was between channels and then I quickly clicked away. I have strong feelings about Obama in the political arena at this time in history and they are not good feelings so I keep them to myself. To mention it on my own blog would be carnage although today I got brave and wrote a tiny paragraph about my political views. Yikes.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I don't know much about politics and never really watch the speeches but I watched this lady and I really like her. I liked the biographies that CNN put on about her too. She is like the home spun girls that I knew out on the prairies, so nice!...Love Terry

And she is a Christian, not ashamed to say that she is saved and baptised!

PS Is Saturday Night Live making her and Mrs. Clinton look like air heads Mrs. Mac? That is not nice of them They are both such intelligent ladies.