"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

School Frenzy Morning

Aaaah ... the morning rush is just over (happy sigh). Nathan headed out the door with a full tummy and a lunch box filled with love. Summer is winding down here at the Mangy Moose Lodge. Our guest room has emptied out too and now it's time to sit back, pour another cuppa joe and unwind! DH has one more month of being my man servant before he once again is gainfully employed. That was a short retirement (May - September) ... but alas, he's completed my honey-do list to a "T". With Ann starting college in three more weeks the Mr. wants to "help" with her finances.

Summer found us taking a 'staycation' (stay at home vacation). Visions of traveling to Glacier National Park have been put on hold. The opportunity to reclaim the weed patch surrounding our fire pit arose and stole our vacation funds; dipping into savings so early in our retirement was out of the question. Bon fires this autumn will be all the more enjoyable minus the weeds.

I'm off to the farm and the hair salon this morning. The fruit of my labor (garden) will not sustain us this winter ... and the 'gray hair' experiment is still in progress ;)



Northeast Iowa Mom said...

So what will Mr. Mac's second career be?

Pat said...

Glad your back...I know all about staycations!
Though I've enjoyed the garden, mine too would not sustain us past the end of September! It was good while it lasted, but this summer has been way to busy to really put much into it. There's always next year, Lord willing!
Now, lets share that cyber coffee break..mmmm good!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear you've had bronchitis. That's nasty stuff from what I remember. I love the new 'look' of your blog...the colors are warm, good fall colors too. That picture of the school bus lunch box makes school seem almost real. (I imagine Nathan was excited to start school again?) You have to remember its been a long time since I've been to school (thankfully...grin) Are you spoiled having your honey-do list completed? It was nice to get your comment...I've been out of the loop for a month I'll bet or so, posting irregularly with all the summer things and now the wool. Today is the first day I haven't had my fingers in it. I'm attempting to organize my craft room/sewing room/storage room. Too many things held on too become chaos, inspite of the great coupon deals! Let that be a lesson to me..grin/sob/sigh. I hope you are enjoying the great outdoors more than I am. It seems I'm always inside and the summer is just about gone. Every year seems the same...intense summer heat to avoid..a few golden weeks of 'perfect' weather and poof! gone. Hope your evening is relaxing. We just watched a detective show, I can't think of the name of it. Now I'm about to get my cello out. Finally!=)

Jim said...

Hi MM, I'm glad you are over your bug stuff. Your farm looks good.
We are wonderint what Mr. T will be doing for his 2nd (??) career.

Constance said...

We leave Friday for Yellowstone and Glacier. I have my clothes packed and I am wrapping up home details since our son will still be here and on his own. (food in the fridge, etc). I am eager to hit the road, I need a break from the heat and my soul needs the refreshing that I can only seem to get when I am in the mountains. I'll be sure and post some pics of Glacier, with you in mind, upon my return!


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I've also had a staycation(!) this summer. Considering the alternatives; we haad no alternative.
Isn't it wonderful though when things turns to Normal, and the kids are well off to school?

I do hope that Mr. Mac's second carrier does not involve him traveling a lot.
You had so been looking forward to having him by your side.
For your cough; eat and drink loots and lots of honey, maybe with a twist of lemon.
Milk tend to produce slime, so you better stay away from that for a while.
I wonder what your new hairdo looks like. Could you post a pic?
Most of my gaarden will survive the winter, so will hopefully yours.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

I love the little lunch bucket, it makes me lonesome for when my children went the first day of school after a summer of fun filled vacation. Just gramma_s

Anonymous said...

If you have time in your busy life you can come to my blog and pick up your 'kreative Blog' award, With pleasure I pass it on to you.
God Bless You, gramma_s

Mrs. Darling said...

In spite of a near total loss of the corn crop it has somehow rebounded to a respectable degree and I do think I can get enough corn to sustain Peter out of it! LOl

Sounds like you may find some time to relax now! Peace.

Mrs. Mac said...

For those that asked ... Mr. Mac's second 'career' will be a low keyed law enforcement job. Without the long hours and long commute ... mostly PR work.

Felisol ... I'll post an updated picture of my transformation in progress as soon as I find my camera. Mr. Mac has recently made reference to Curella de-Ville in passing ... and would not want to be a dalmation dog ;)

gramma_s ... I'll be visiting you soon to pick up that award.

Mrs. Darling ... I'm glad your corn crop is not a total loss. I am fortunate to live near a u-pick farm that is down the mountain in a lovely warmer valley. Their corn production is in full swing ... and I was able to get some beautiful boxes of tomatoes to turn into salsa and other tasty recipes.

Connie ... I can't wait to see your Glacier pictures!!! We have had a lovely summer without all the heat so a stacation has been a good thing for us.

Pat ... I know you must have enjoyed your garden while it lasted. Hopefully, you will get a good late summer crop of tomatoes. I will post a salsa recipe that I made yesterday ... although you may want to cut down on the heat by not adding as many hot peppers ;)