"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ping Pong Politics

Why does the political process in the USA have to resemble a sporting event. Bowl 'em over, hot to trot goody two shoes, spit in your eye flame throwers, your mother wears Army boots, my time to give you a shiner, pull out the rug, obnoxious tale bearers, late night talk show fodder, let's drag this process to the dump, etc. I'm tired of all this campaign stumping. Let's turn off the news, take a deep breath, and let out a big sigh, AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh. Would all you politicians just SHUT UP! 90% of the people have made up their minds. The other 10% will vote for Ralph Nader; the guy never misses a last minute race to upset the donkey cart or Dumbo elephant ride. I'm not one to wish away precious time ... but I just can't wait for your election day to be over.


Maggie Ann said...

Isn't that the truth about Ralph Nader! Whatever is he thinking? Cute cartoon though...I've watched more tv news lately. Not today though, I was a busy bee. Better get to bed, tomorrow I have to go to town for a Dr. check-up. Its seems such a waste of a beautiful morning too.

Sara said...

i am so with you. by the time it's done, i can't stand any of them! what if we all just decided to vote for dignity? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all your comments on my blog. You're more faithful than I am...I lurk :-) but I'm too tired to type sometimes. I've taken up enough space with excuses, I've got something more important to say. :-) First of all you look beautiful with gray highlights in your hair. 2. it looks like you relaxed so much that even though you had to take a picture, you didn't feel like getting up to do it. It's OK because a good photographer takes pictures of everything. 3.The apple looks good, did you ever hear the song that starts "Apples mellow, Pumpkins yellow, tell the time of year. - Natures calling, leaves are falling. Autumn time is here."
4. That is darling picture of Little Jacob and his grandpa. Someone said that grandchilren are one of the blessing for raising your children. 5. Don't rub it in....Some husbands aren't so easy to train, you know :-) You are blessed. I shouldn't complain because between my husband and children, I'm quite a spoiled lady (brat!) Which reminds me "Once upon a time" Years ago when you had to go through the operator to make a phone call, I called my girlfriend and in the course of conversation I told her my little brother was being a "brat." I just hung up, and the phone rang, it was the operator, and she asked my mom if she knew what kind of language I was using on the phone? (what would the poor operator do if she was listening to some conversations today?) 6. The Bee - It is a cute bee, but the poor little guy. You've have the kind of "special child" that are so
lovable. Mrs. Darling used to babysit a "Special child" and although he was terible naughty sometimes, you coudn't help but love him. 7. Now for "Politics" It happens to #7 of my comments and they say that 7 is the perfect number, but there is nothing perfect about politicts. In fact, I've heard that if O gets elected, "Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh."
Well folks that pretty much wraps it for today. Tune in to gramma_s again, when we will talk about the weather.

Louise said...

I too am tired of hearing all the bantering ... all the EXPENSIVE bantering by the way. I saw on TV just today that it's costing Mr. O over $7,000,000 per week to run his ads. Not sure what the other guy is spending. It's a wasteful shame if you ask me.

Deb said...

Prayer request:
As I type this, I'm at work and have no access to personal email - hence the message on your blog.

I am having a horrendous day - MS stuff. Having a lot of trouble walking - concentrating - getting the energy to even breath. And - I'm at work - on a weekend - when we're scheduled short staffed. (on purpose - never could figure that out --people are less sick on weekends perhaps? and don't need hospital care?....)

Anyway - I'd appreciate your prayers. I have two more days left after this before I get a day off.

Thanks my friend! ---sending this to sara and pat--if you know any other prayer warriors - please feel free to pass this along.

Jim said...

Guess I'm one of those undecided that there aren't many of. I am for the pig who wears lipstick but she got beat by a (I won't say it, I don't want to get political on your blog.)
But,,,, did you see my posts about the pigs wearing lipstick? I had different ones of that on both blogs.

We don't get campaign stumping here, the Republicans are so far ahead any other vote doesn't count. It just doesn't pay returns on advertising $$$$'s here.
So, since my vote doesn't do any good I probably will vote for Ralph N. I like him anyway.