"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, September 15, 2008

Training The Mr.

A neighbor lady of my mom's recently passed away. She was a 'doer' and did everything for her husband. Now that she is no longer with him, he's had a very hard time getting by day to day. So the thought occurred to me that I needed to train the Mr. how to run the home ... and surprisingly, he agreed. With notebook and pen in hand, he has been following me around the place like a puppy dog, taking notes about washing and drying the laundry, where Nathan's doctor's office is located, what brands of food to buy, etc, etc. Yesterday, I got out the ironing board and a select group of ironing (his shirts, and table napkins). This was a safe bet for sure. The end result: I have a husband with a heart of gold. He now knows the basics of the laundry room ... my inconvenience of having to 'refold' stuff the way I prefer is of little consequence (although it adds a bit more work) ... in the long run, he will regain some skills that haven't been used since boot camp. Imagine: He actually got along just fine before I married him!


Louise said...

Thankfully my husband has co-run this household since we got married. He can do all I can and most of it much better. Sure helps on days when I'm not feelin' well.

Amrita said...

Now you are house-training hubby