"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, October 05, 2006

For Better Or Worse - Part II

The Story of The Green Faced Husband. This is the second part of my newlywed story. Now if the previous account about the contact lens solution didn't set my (green eyed) fate with dh, this next story surely would not soon be forgotten either. While cleaning up from one of our first little social gatherings at our condo, I was pulling kitchen duty. DH was probably puttering in who knows where, doing who knows what (you know hubbies like to putter), and most likely as happy as a little pig in mud. We had a little "honey-do" bell that had been given to us at the wedding ceremony. Just a little tinkly bell, that dh's friends would pass along from one to the other as soon as someone in our social circle got married. Now it was in our possession ... and I put it to use often. Ring, ring ... soon Dh comes to the kitchen to see what's the matter. Yours truly had, unfortunately, put down the sink disposal about two bunches of parsley, stems and all, left from a party platter. Might my mother have told me to never put such stuff down the drain this whole episode would have never happened! There it was, a backed-up drain. Swirling green water ... not going down. Out to the garage for the toolbox and a bucket goes dh ... and then he crawled underneath the sink to fix the stoppage. You know that very uncomfortable position of being on your back under the disposal and elbow pipe? Off goes the pipe and some of the mess drained in the bucket. Dh goes back under to finish the job and I being the helpmate that I am, decided to shed a little light on the mess. Oops, I must have turned on the disposal. Dh abruptly arose from underneath the cabinet wearing the remainder of the greens on his face. Fiddlee dee, I do believe if it wasn't against God's commandments, he would have smote me. Since the early years, my good wife track record has gotten much better :)!

Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Mac, Christmas 1981


Jada's Gigi said...

You are too funny! thankfully all that was in there was parsley! :)

Birmingham Girl said...

You know he's going to stay with you after something like that! You guys even look like you should be together..very handsome couple.
How sweet to have a lifetime of memories to reflect on...you are blessed.

dawnaj1958 said...

How cute! I agree, you are blessed to have a lifetime of memories to look back on. I just love your blogs...(my husband reads this too although he would never admit it...and likes the husband blogs.)

Margie said...

That's great! I knew potato peelings. and if my dad knew i put them down the drain... i might go along with them!

Maggie Ann said...

He looks like he could never get irritated with your sweet self. Ah if only life were 100% sweet...someday in glory it will be! Ahh, the felted purse may take a few weeks..just thought I'd forewarn you...smile.