"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Special Needs Child Aboard ... Patience Required

As the sahm of a little boy with Down syndrome patience is the order of the day. What self help chores many parents take for granted that their child can perform are never fully realized nor performed in somewhat of a timely manner by my child, thus leaving me helping more than I should. At day's end, I'm exhausted, but satisfied knowing he's all tucked in bed, teeth brushed, prayers said, book read, etc. Yesterday, said child (Nathan) got his own cup of water with ice from the refrigerator. Today, as I was having a bubble bath this morning, he brought me a bottle of salsa and indicated that he'd like some on a dish of pasta (FOR BREAKFAST). Yes, he's gotten pretty creative when the pantry is locked and he has only the fridge to raid. This afternoon, he brought up a carton of eggs ... up the stairs ... yes, over my white carpet. Not one was broken. Do you think he's going through a growth spurt. I sure hope so!

(photo from spring 2004 - California poppy fields)

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Mrs. Darling said...

He' such a sweetie. I used to work with down syndrome kids in a childrens home in the midwest. I 've always had a special place in my heart for them!