"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Year ... New Blog

OK ... I'm going to try this again. I gave up my last blog a few months ago. Off to a new start!
The best part about a new year is having a blank calendar and mapping out the days, weeks, months ... one by one. A calendar not set in "stone" but one that can be erased and written over again if changes are needed, hopefully as God leads.

Since putting our home up for sale last October, and not having it sold to date, the days seem to drag by at times. Tomorrow our broker is having another open house. We must find a place to retreat while this is going on. Cleaning, cleaning ... I'm tired of always having the house cleaned. Not that I don't like a clean house, but the tediousness of having everything picked up is wearing on us all ... tired but thankful that we're all healthy and have a warm home, bed, clothes, and food on the table.

We've been fussing with house plans and rearranging walls and garage door openings until I'm a bit nutso! In two weeks we have plans to fly up to Northern Idaho to meet with our new home builder and visit some family in Spokane.

With the prospect of semi-retiring, my dh is becoming quite domestic. In the twenty-five years we've been married, he's helped more around the house the past few months and taken care of our youngest without having to be asked that I'm not as worried about having him home full to part time (hee, hee). At 54 years of age, he still has some good years left!

photo circa 1982 Me, DH, & Patrick

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