"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Family Life Of A Public Servant

Having been married thirty years .. 26 of which have been while hubby has been an officer of the law has not been easy on our family time.  Odd hours .. long shift work .. mid week days off .. are just of few of the lesser stresses of the job.  There's also the safety fears:  Will he come home in one piece at the end of watch?  Will he stay awake on the long drive home?  Will he be exposed to infectious diseases?

This life style has left a good deal of the work on my shoulders with hubby's odd hours and oft times need to sleep during the day.  Homeschooling was an option we chose so DH could take part in our family life.

We've survived separation during great civil unrest, earthquakes making travel impossible, hostage takeovers, high speed pursuits and shootouts.  Calls from the hospital with hubby saying, "I've been injured and am covered in someone's blood."

Now we are in another city .. with a less stressful job .. still odd and inconvenient days and hours.  People are people no matter where you live.  Some are kind .. but most treat the law officer in contempt .. that is until they need help.  Yes .. there are bad apples in every field .. and it only takes one to tarnish the badge.  Next time you need the assistance of an officer, or you get pulled over for speeding, or get a ticket for illegally parking .. be kind and thankful to the man or woman behind the badge that has sworn an oath to serve and protect YOU.


FlowerLady said...

I'm sure it would be stressful for sure because there are weirdos out there. May God continue to protect your DH and bless you as you continue to lovingly care for your family.


Sandy said...

I pray also for continued
protection for your husband
and times of refreshing in
the presence of the Lord,
whether on the job or home.
You and your family are
Love & Prayers,

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
How proud you must be, being a part of the upholding forces in society.

I acknowledge that I probably wouldn't have the nerves waiting for my husband like you have done. Then again, I guess you are the safety and healthiness keeping your husband sound and grounded during all his hardships at work.
There are but few who can take the stress over that many years.
I adore the family picture with you standing as the safe mater familias.
Of course we shall hold Mr. Mac up in our prayers.
That's the least we can do.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ma'am! *saluting* you!

I think 'first responders' now get more respect than in the past. People who resist respecting police are immature and not liking having to follow rules.

Bless your family and thank you to your Hubby for his years of service. Thank you for your years of sacrifice.

Love the photo! Y'all are beautiful! Barbara

Terry said...

dear mrs.mac...four weeks ago i was going to write a post on my blog but it had been much too busy the last while to do it because of looking after dad golden..
now he is feeling better and he just now asked me if i had heard from mrs. mac and so i came here to this lovely post and showed him the picture..
anyways about policemen...
four weeks ago i was on my way to church with mom golden and i went through a yellow light and i was going 55kil in a 50kil zone.
and then right behind me i saw a police car with it's red lights flashing...i went to the side and the young man came up to my door.
i said right away. "i know i went through a yellow and he said, "yes you did and your speed was up too."
he went back to his car and "checked me out"..when he came back,..he said to me. "i am not going to give you a ticket...i see that you have had no convictions..just keep in mind that when the weather is a bit slippery, try to drive slower."
you know mrs. mac, i thanked him so much and he said, "that's ok," and went back to his car...
well this is why i wanted to make a post mrs. mac...i said to mom about the kind and forgiving officer, 'mom. look how easy and right that it seemed to thank him and yet mom, how many times i have neglected to thank the lord for forgiving me....so so not enough!"
and so mrs. mac that beautiful policeman i will never forget for forgiving me and teaching me a lesson just four sundays ago!

three cheers for your hero husband and all of his fellow police officers...and three cheers for nathan and his most wonderful family and for the hero patrick who served his country!
love terry
mrs mac is that dawg, miss lucy..she looks a bit faded out!

Kathryn said...

You've such a lovely family. :)

You both have my admiration for going thru this stress for all these years.

Blessings on you all.

Trish said...

Thank you Mr. Mac...we are blessed by your service! And thank you Mrs. Mac...You have made many sacrifices through the years.

What a beautiful photo of a loving and caring family!

Pat said...

I can so relate to being married to a public servant. I've experienced so many of those same things. If Terry is like Hal, he wouldn't have changed his career for one moment.
A big THANK YOU to those who protect and serve...our unsung heros. May the Lord watch and keep them safe from harm.

Maggie Ann said...

We do & should appreciate all the service and sacrifices...of our law officers...you are so right. Thank you Mr.Mac! I hadn't thought of it as you put it....One of our son's friends is in law enforcement also.~~~~ Thats a great family picture and I couldn't help noticing the snow shoes on the wall behind you all. I've always wanted to try snow-shoeing but think just maybe I'm too old now...lol.

Crown of Beauty said...

What a beautiful post this is, and having just read several of your previous posts before this one, I must say that things are looking up for Nathan and all of you.

Rejoicing with you, dear Mrs. Mac.

I also love the new look of your blog. Your posts are meaty and full of wisdom and love.