"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Good Intentions

of taking down the Christmas decor on New Year's Day .. but oh, I'm still enjoying the tree lights, door wreath, and instrumental (flute, violin, harp) music.  Why all the fuss to get it put away so soon after Christmas .. not going to happen .. I'm waiting until Friday when hubby can help.  It will be more enjoyable working together .. memories to share as we take the ornaments off the tree together .. not so much a dreaded solo chore. 

Besides .. this will give us a chance to start a new/old tradition .. that of celebrating the Epiphany .. arrival the the Three Wise Men to visit the Christ child .. 12th day of Christmas.  

Savoring in Him,


Felisol said...

This is just according to Nordic traditions.
Epiphany should be celebrated and January the 13th, the 20th Day" coming Santa Knut, chasing Christmas out."
Already the sun is up 18 minutes longer since solstice.
Time to gather forsythia branches and have yellow stars lightening up my living room in a week or so.

I just love your Swedish Carl Larsson paintings used for illustrations.
The are the warmest and homiest paintings I know of. That man did love his family and had (of course) a genuine artist's eye for the details.

Saija said...

i've taken down half of my decorations, but left the lights up and on, still ... the lights help to break those long dark evenings ... maria used to leave her decorations up for a very long time! she absolutely loved christmas ...

blessings on ya ...

Amrita said...

I took down most of my decorations an d felt so depressed taking them down an d packing them. I have some lights and snowmen and th e creche.

I felt so sad i had a slight headache.

Cindy said...

Our tree and decorations were taken down on New Years day. I didn't put up that much so it didn't take long. I was into the spirit of Christmas but not so much the work of decorating this year.

Anonymous said...

Ours are still up and I'm in no hurry. It's all on me anyway. The creches at church are so beautiful.

(I teased you a bit after your last comment on my blog - don't forget to go back - another post already up!)


Jada's Gigi said...

I do love the idea of celebrating 12th Night! and I like the "new" tradition of having help!!