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Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterback

... from someone in the know ;)

Well .. that was some Super Bowl game yesterday.  It makes me feel so proud to see that America's best was on stage during the half-time show (not!).  Instead of hiring so called 'professionals'  ... Hollywood-ites .. why doesn't someone with half a brain try giving the stage over to some true American patriots .. like a military marching band .. or a group of Girl Scouts that can sing America The Beautiful or The Star Spangled Banner (our NATIONAL anthem) and belt out the words with meaning.  This is the problem when exceptionalism is paved over with mediocrity .. there are no winners .. just empty awards for participation (win or lose). 
Jake provided entertainment

 The best part of the day was spent with my beautiful family .. eating great yummy snacks and hijacking Face Book with a play by play account of how bored I was 'watching' the game.  I LOVE MY FAMILY for not turning me out in the snow :)


Pat said...

Same feeling from me...expressed very well by you.
Did enjoy the food and family at Sara's, helped me not notice what was on TV so much!
Love your new blogger background...perfection!

Sandy said...

Not a sports-minded person myself
so I don't know who won what.
I would guess the half-time show
left something to be desired as
usual though. Now Jake--yeah, a
face like that could keep me
entertained for hours. What a

Trish said...

I didn't watch one second of the game! Attended a Wedding Shower after Church yesterday. So, I was tired and kicked back in the recliner in the playroom with my own remote. Tomer, got bored with the game after a while and went to bed!
We are such party animals...LOL.
I agree...the half-time shows are not worth watching anymore. Too much glory for doing nothing but becoming overpaid for doing a bit on nothing!

FlowerLady said...

Jake is a cutie.

We are NOT sports fans at all, forgot the event was even happening.


Maggie Ann said...

You hit the nail right on the head, Mrs. Mac. Where is reality in America? Those olives on Jake's hand look like pretty good entertainment though....an all American boy..did he eat them then? I like olives..not many do?

Felisol said...

I tried to sit down for a while, because it was considered a sensation that Super Bowl was to be sent directly on Norwegian TV.
20 minutes of talking (after midnight made me grab a book and go to bed.)

Now, I'd rather take a look at Jake with his olives--How do children come up with that kind of stuff? Charming indeed.

Terry said...

ha! i love your family too for not turning our snow queen out into the snow!
we already have enough dear mrs. mac so you had just stay put, eh?
aw we love you anyway though!
love terry

Anonymous said...

Ah - the ol' olives-on-fingertips-trick! A winner everytime!

Shamefully witnesses minutes of the game and halftime on a tv at a restaurant. Penance was in the watching.