"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Picture Memories - Part 1

... are currently scattered on top of my desk.  I have been blessed with an abundance of faded, time worn heirloom family photos ... handed down by my mother, via her parents, via their parents ...

These memories are my connection to a different era.  The past that steps so close to .. but is no longer touching ... the present.  Some memories are stored in my mind from stories told by my dearly departed relatives about their youth; though most of said memories are of when my ancestors were my age and older that I remember from years ago.  To see them as youngsters full of mischief in a different era makes me want to step through the boundaries of time ...

To possess my grandparent's wedding announcement and marriage certificate makes me long to see them again.  Time is passing all too quickly.  In the blink of an eye ... so many changes ... inventions ... modes of transportation have come and gone ... and yet, we are still connected by heart strings and family genes.  How will I be remembered by my descendants?   I hope to one day print out my blog journals and bind them with a pretty cover.  Then little Jacob's grandchildren can read about their great grandma's family and remember from whence they came.

... to be continued

Mrs. Mac's family photos:         Click on photos to enlarge

Top, L-R Maternal Great Aunt Theresa & Grandma Donna taken on their First Holy Communion day.  According to a story told to me by Grandma Donna ... Auntie was mad at her for getting to wear the pretty gold locket ... and she had to wear the old pearl necklace;) ... you can almost imagine that just before the picture was taken, they were in a tiff with each other as is evident on their pretty sad little faces.
Center photoMrs Mac's Great Grandmother Myra's beautiful Victorian farmhouse parlor.  She was well off with house servants and fringe lined buggies to drive.  Great Grandma Myra had the latest modern furnishings for her era (according to my mother) ... including an electric stove before most anyone else.
Bottom photoMrs. Mac's Great Grandparents, Myra Grigsby Hodges, and their family.  My grandfather is the cute little boy; the baby of the family.  He married the little girl with the pretty gold locket.  This is the same family in the new blog header .. years earlier.  It is this grandfather that I led to Christ when he was in his 70's ... (When Grandpa Got Saved)

... to be continued


Pat said...

What lovely family photos, and what a fine parlor! Wouldn't it be interesting to see all the colors in that room?
How wonderful that you were responsible for leading your grandfather to the Lord! One day a grand reunion will take place - what a day that will be!

Anonymous said...

ditto Pat's comment

LOVE this stuff, Mrs. Mac!

The parlor photo says so much! (Like non-verbal expression)

Genealogy is my other hobby (near completely blocked by blogging!)

Thanks so much for showing these precious memories. Barbara

Jim said...

It is nice that you put these memories on your blog. Then your follow-through intentions are really good. That makes an interesting job for you and give us 'subjects' for you to perfect things.
Now be sure and finish. That has been my problem, not finishing what I start.

Jake is great for you, M&M. His "I luff you Nana" makes me a little sad, our KP is moving to London from two to four years. We will miss her a lot. Mrs. Jim is spending the night with her and her ear infection tonight while Mother is already in London working.
She comes home for a bit Saturday but they will leave for good in May. ;)

Margie said...

loved this post! I loved the pictures and your memories. I love when you said I possess my grandparent's wedding announcement .... makes me long to see them again.

I've really been missing my gram lately. Not the way she was in the end but how she loved me when I was little.

Deb said...

I had an interesting conversation with Brillo Man the other evening - we were talking about the bending of time and space and some of Einstein's theories....we've decided that somewhere, somehow, time travel is possible. ...I'm just sayin'.... You never know! One day, what will heaven be like? What will our new earth be like? It's all a mystery...and here I am rambling. again. So...I'm back to commenting on blogs because it's what I need to do to stay connected! ...So here I am...connecting! ;) Love your photos!