"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Throw Back The Covers ...

... open the window sash to spring ... in the beautiful North Woods of Idaho.

Yesterday morning was the first in ever-so-long that the heater was not turned on to warm up the rooms at the Mangy Moose Lodge.  Windows were given a good 1-2 opening .. summer furniture cushions were placed outside .. patios cleaned, and a veggie garden tilled.  It took just one day for the kefir and buttermilk cultures to set up on the counter .. instead of the normal two days.

On the movie menu was Julie & Julia (as you can see, I'm very 'current' on my flicks;) ... and from all of the work done outside, I once again for the second night in a row fell asleep during the same movie.  Exhaustion is a good feeling when one has exerted oneself from heavy labor .. instead of stress.  Saturday is our normal day for changing bed linens and bath towels.  But, no sleep was to be had on Friday night with flannel sheets and an extra blanket on me bed.  Tired as I was ... I had to muster up the strength to put on proper spring time sheets at half past midnight.  Cool, crisp percale with extra high thread count pillow cases of luxury Egyptian cotton (from the Hospice thrift store .. never used at $1 a piece;).

Today ... albeit ... spring ... finds a light drizzle watering my newly (partially) planted garden.  Free water from heaven ... hubby's motto .. 'If it's free .. it's for me." The dining room has a stack of outdoor furniture cushions off in the corner.

The coffee is getting cold ... and it's now time to get dressed for the day.

Happy Saturday SPRING greetings ... from ... a crazy old grandma ... lover of all things vintage ... that needs to go select which porch rocking chair she wants to use today to watch the world go by.

Enjoy the day God has given you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you and same to you, Mrs. Mac!

I fell asleep during a show we replayed after missing it on Friday. Alas.

I'm off to do a little sleep-inducing mowing while Hubby makes cioppino. Barbara

Jim said...

We took our electric blanket off a couple of weeks ago. There has been twice that it would have felt nice again.

I am sorry that Mr. Mac got assigned to the night shift. You didn't say if it was evenings or midnights. Either of them messes up everyone's sleep habits, the evening, 'swing shift', is the easiest to cope with.
I've done them all at NASA, day shift worked the best for me.

Constance said...

Catching up on my reading since I have been busy chasing a grandchild around for the last few days! My, my, where to start?

I absolutely LOVE the photos and the family memories! The peek back into time via photos is so enlightening! Girlfriend we ARE kindred spirits! I know exactly how you feel! I am currently working on a collection of stories and pictures for our family too.

I do a lot of Genealogy and I find myself having to take a break because I strt feeling a little down. I finally figured out that it reminds me of my own mortality to see photos of my ancestors when they were young. I suppose it's because I can relate to the women in my family and envision myself at those ages and raising my own family. Now they are gone as I will be one day be!

"Julie and Julia", surprisingly I enjoyed that movie a lot! I say that b/c I didn't think it would be my kind of movie and honestly, how do you make a movie out of cooking every day for a year from a famous Chef's cookbook? However they did it, it worked for me!

This weekend was cool and rainy, we actually turned the furnace on last night since it was getting down into the 40's. If it were me and our grand-daughter wasn't spending the weekend here, I would've just thrown on my Winter jammies and put an extra blanket on the bed! I love to sleep when it's a little chilly!

Here's to a gorgeous week ahead for you in the North Woods and for me down here in the Lower Plains!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Cathy
I have not visited your place in a long while. Just finished reading this lovely heartwarming post, and the one before this on Nathan's visit to the eye doctor.

Welcome spring indeed. Love the way you gave an update of your day. Watched the movie you mentioned, and I loved it. Never before used egyptian linen for only a dollar? Wow, I have to get to the Hospice Thrift shop!

Lovely weather over there... it is just beginning to rain here... but when June comes, it will be nothing but rain rain rain!

Blessings on you and your family,