"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, April 16, 2010

Having A Fit

... in progress.

Hubby's work hours were changed.  Him being low man on the totem pole .. is now working the night shift.  (uuuggg)  I didn't think about the consequences this would have on my daily routine until this week.  It's been years since he worked at nights.  Here's a list of my 'no can do' during the daytime:  I have to BE QUIET!  That means no vacuuming during the day ... minimal noise in the backyard ... think rototilling the garden right outside the bedroom window ... and trying to keep Nathan quiet this summer when he wants to dance to loud music in his room ... uugggH).  Waiting for permanent retirement.  Help me to find the bright side ... Pollyanna is hiding today!


Sandy said...

Well, let's see..you can be
glad that your husband still
has the job, and that you are
strong and energetic and able
to take care of things around
the house while he sleeps,
even if you have to do it very
quietly,and that retirement
is not terribly far away,
and you have a beautiful
family. How's that? See any
sign of Pollyanna yet?
Things always get better
when we keep our trust in
Him and He causes all things
to turn around for our good.

Vivian said...

think about what GET TO do...GET TO the part, the zoo, for walks, reading to yourself or the child...
sorry...too many bad things in life to worry about such small things.

Pat said...

Be thankful that no one takes drum lessons while hubby sleeps. Feel better?

TheRextras said...

Nah! I'm more into problem-solving and adaptation.

And to think, you designed you home so you could hear Nathan...or was it the opposite?

Shirley, I mean, Surely there are auditory protection devices that would bring sound down to level he can sleep. No?

And what is Nathan's capacity for using ear thingy's to listen to music - time he learned, eh?

I've heard there are health benefits from rototilling by moonlight, but don't ask me to find that research article.

Seriously sympathetic and hoping you can find some middle ground for everyone. Barbara

PS Escape to out-of-town whenever possible (inside joke y'all).

Felisol said...

The Pollyanna from Norway says; "It might be worse if you had to work 11 hour night shifts, and then had to to wait until hubby came home from work about three-ish, before you could go to bed. This was my situation the first year Serina lived. It ruined my health.

Your husband will have to buy ear plugs and find a good hideaway for his day sleep. (Over the garage??)

Cooperation is the keyword.
Nathan can not be expected to have empathy with his sleeping father. Dancing is so good for him.
Dad can at most hope for a room with a key to turn around. Soft music makes white noise. One doesn't really notice all the sounds in the house.
Three of us night watches with children have similar experiences.
The living and wake have priority to the sleepers.

Mrs. Mac said...

Aaah ... you ladies have brought the old Pollyanna back to life! Thanks for all of the good advice. I'm sure the new hours just need to become routine. Nathan is not the only one that gets out of whack with change:) When hubby got held over an extra four hours yesterday .. that pushed his wake up time to 6:30 PM ... WOW ... a whole day of trying to figure out what to do. Now I have lots of ideas. I'm not sure about rototilling in the moonlight .. because hubby said I could rototil during the day (say what?) All is well .