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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

My sincere thanks to all United States military veterans. Some of you have been overlooked, forgotten by your government, and misunderstood when home from war. But the majority of your fellow American's support and thank you for keeping our nation safe at home and abroad.


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I had forgotten about 11.11. 1918
till you wrote about Veterans Day.
An uncle of my mother fought for America back then. Norway was neutral in ww1.

I guess I'm not a particularly pro war woman. I like peace and quiet. I am also being a realist and know that sometimes wars are inevitable.

I have nursed my share of post war soldiers/sailors. I now what the individual has offered and suffered.
I find it a disgrace that not every veteran is treated with respect and repaid with more than empty words after laying down his life and future health for his country.

Veterans deserve much more than empty words.
Nevertheless I have but my respect to pay them.
From felisol

Anonymous said...

Thanking God for our country and those who have protected us. Amen.


Terry said...

dear mrs. mac..the brave men and women of the united states are never far from our minds here in canada...although they are americans, they fought and are still fighting for the freedom of us all..."i say god bless america"!
where canada would be without the united states of america, i don't even want to think of!
love terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Many thanks to them all.

Trish said...

We can never repay the sacrifice of these brave men and women...some but boys and girls right out of high School. Daddy was only 17 years old when facing the enemy in a Fox Hole...I cannot even imagine...they were babies!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm with you...Veteran's deserve our support and honor! Thanks for checking in on me..grin. Yes, I am a bit 'pre-occupied'. Its very different having hubby home all the time. I love it but I don't have the 'myself' time that I did. And...I'm putting on weight..he enjoys eating out too much! I LOVE your blog wallpaper!!! Hope all is well at your place.

ParkerMama said...

My Dad is a Vet. Two tours in Nam where he brought home silver and bronze stars as well as a Purple Heart.

Great post!

Saija said...

amen ...
we honoured our service men and women on the 11th as well ...

just getting caught up on you ... love the new pic & hair - looks great!

also i liked the okanagan lake pic - i've been there too - and love the area ... :o)