"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Unfortunate :)

I swiped this idea from my friend Iowa Mom. You google the word unfortunately in front of your name and here are the results from my search:
  • Unfortunately, Cathy's hair makes her look like she's wearing an afghan on her head. When you have a tummy the size of Cathy's you need a fitted jacket (shocking!)
  • Unfortunately, Cathy was not a standard child. She was quite different from other children ... (just ask my mother ;)
  • Unfortunately, Cathy has been put in the unenviable position as Secretary of State of defending a law with which she fervently disagrees... (I resemble that)
  • Unfortunately, Cathy's efforts at utilizing tax advantages to boost savings and investments have been dwarfed by her growing debt load. ...(really, I had no idea)
  • Unfortunately Cathy I can't help with your search for a bouzouki but your unusual request brought back vivid memories (no bousouki ...what memories?)
  • Unfortunately, Cathy's fairly well endowed so we couldn't verify the phenomenal claims of the breast enlarger, which was simply a vacuum cleaner attached to (attached to what?)
  • Unfortunately Cathy mockingly brought about storm clouds again but has deeply enraged the deep blue. (my nickname is the Snow Queen after all)
  • Unfortunately, Cathy (remember her? She's the one with the baby) also goes insane. (That's nothing new ;)


Northeast Iowa Mom said...


Pat said...

Oh my, you certainly are one colorful character!
Truly you don't look like your wearing an afghan on your head!!

Amrita said...

This is so funny.

Terry said...

What's happening Mrs. Mac?
Fifty-one isn't the age you go nuts!
I didn't go off my rocker until I was 55, just about the time I started blogging!.....Ha!
Love Terry

PS For sure and that is some dandy afghan Idaho Snow Queen!
Did you crochet it yourself?
I never learned to crochet until I was in my thirties.

Margie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Trish said...

Unfortunately Trish understands this nonsense.
You made me laugh!!!

Maggie Ann said...

My son & I did this google search and laughed our heads off....so to speak. I enjoyed your post.=) I'm over to your garden blog now to post. I've caught your enthusiasm...I have two packs of seeds planted and on top of the fridge..and plan on planting cherry tomatoes in the morning. I feel excited about seeing them sprout. Like yours, mine will bask in the sunshine coming in the french doors also. Spoiled babies! =)...Your knitting sounds like a ton of fun. Those Youtube video clips are terrific helpers...I often am looking at the spinning ones lately as I practice 'long draw' spinning. A 'waffle' design dishcloth will be fun to do and the yummy colors of cotton yarn and such....call to me. Knit, knit. But, I'm stuck still with sewing thoughts lingering in my mind. Mmmm, I still have my red vest to finish off. Its been so long since I've knit on it I forget the stitch pattern...isn't that awlful...giggle. One of these days!

Constance said...

I don't know if I am brave enough to do this let alone post it! Ha Ha!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I just wanted to pop in and say howdy to you but for some reason, I had a hard time to get in to your blog.
A bunch of advertising came up but I kept trying and here I am.
I was so glad that Char finally got the scarf!
It was all the Post office's fault, eh?
Not a pretty sight!!
Well we are getting mild weather finally, so you had better keep any of the cold you have Idaho Snow Queen right where you are at, eh?
God's blessings....Love Terry