"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back To The Land Of Snow

... childcare, cleaning frenzies, and an overstuffed in-box. Vacation mode is over and I'm not in the swing of things just yet. My kitchen sparkles from top to bottom thanks to five buckets of soapy water and some elbow grease. The Mr. has cleaned out the garage and basement storage area. Not wasting one day of spring to deep cleaning is my motivation for getting it done now.


Pat said...

Welcome home! I bet you had a really nice visit there in Paradise!
We're supposed to be in for a warm up here..I sure hope so, I'd like to see some of this snow melt.
I've taken two bedrooms apart and cleaned them, but there's still much to do. One day at a time!

Crown of Beauty said...

Welcome back! We sure have missed the sunshine you bring! Hope you have many stories to share.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
You sure have accumulated lots of holiday energy.
The woman on your ad. picture makes by back ache.
Have you ever done your house cleaning in high heeled shoes??
My mother used to do "great cleaning" twice a year. December and April, winter and spring.
Cleaning everything from roof till doormats. Even my father's five thousand books very out of the shelves, being vacuumed and polished.
In my childhood there were two giant carpets in the living rooms. They were thrown over the balcony and dragged and thrashed in the snow. My father got the bring them inside as he came home from the office.
Oh, my.
Huge highchairs, whops out on the balcony and wham bang..
Not my style.
I'd rather redecorate..
And work in the garden.
From Felisol

Margie said...

Welcome home!! you are an inspiration... maybe I'll pick a room this weekend and clean it. I've got dirt to shovel this spring!

Constance said...

Welcome Home! I am working on the deep clean in the master bedroom and bathroom this weekend. UGH! When we recarpeted the house 2 years ago, it was a major ordeal. I will say though, that my closet remains organized till this day! Quite an accomplishment I might add! Sometimes I am more in love with the idea of something than actually following through! Ha Ha!

Trish said...

My kitchen got the works on Saturday...now today the bedrooms are getting it!

Mrs. Mac said...

I have 'fortunately' not done my house cleaning in high heels. Grungy clothes are my spring cleaning attire. And to think my MIL at one time did deep cleaning twice a year. We have different life styles today ... more community activities to take time away from home. This is the first "spring" cleaning since we moved in almost two years ago. Once a year is a good target ... waiting almost two years is pushing it for me. It is a nice feeling having the house sparkling clean after the whole process ... and less 'worrisome' when company arrives. Just routine cleaning will be needed.

Terry said...

Glad to see you back Mrs. Mac and you STILL aren't complaining about the snow.
You are a good girl.

When we children were stressing Mom Golden out, she used to kill two birds with one stone.
She would wax the floors and then let us kids take turns sitting on a fluffy blanket and she would twirl us all over the floor, using US for the buffer!
In the end she had four happy kids and one shiny floor, so shining in fact that the four happy kids and the unstressed mother could look down and see their reflections in the floor...Love Terry

PS Of course Mom Golden would never even THINK of killing two birds, eh?
Kids?....Hmm.. I am sure she must have been sorely tempted sometimes~~ Ha!

Alas! The sad day came that Dad Golden spoiled all the fun by bringing Mom Golden home, a polisher!..

Jim said...

Welcome Home M&M! You have been missed.
A good motto for Spring cleaning is "Wait for Spring." Toto, you aren't in Missouri anymore, there is still a lot more winter.

Anonymous said...

That image is priceless. Where did you get it? First post after vacation and you brag on housecleaning. You are shameless, Mrs. Mac!

Pear tree cottage! said...

There are moments in one's life were you just have to visit a friend to simply say hi! at the moment down here there are no other words it is all too sad. Lee-ann

Jim said...

Thanks for the visit and taking the break from cleaning. Next break you can tell us how good and clean it got. Or some nice California pictures. Or both.

Jada's Gigi said...

Hope your trip was wonderful! now as for all that cleaning..your house is NEW for pete's sake...how can it possibly be all that dirty!? LOL

Maggie Ann said...

Is spring cleaning catchy? I did all my kitchen cabinets and felt very virtuous indeed! Its a good thing as...Martha Stewart would say...