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Friday, February 20, 2009

Turning "To Do" ... Into ... "Ta Da"

Just around the bend there is always something to get done. This week brings me one step closer to getting beyond procrastination and into the "it is finished" mode. I've just completed my yearly task of gathering tax records and readying them for our CPA. Only one area is blank ... that's for hubby to calculate (union dues). I've even made the all important appointment to have our home owner association's tax return prepared next week. Remember, last year I volunteered to be the secretary/treasurer and pulled my hair out. Well, hopefully now that we have the whole set up nearly automated with a new bookkeeping firm, it won't be such a nasty pill to swallow (let's hope). A weight is suddenly lifted ... aaaah! Keeping organized is vital to maintaining one's sanity (at least in my realm).

Soldier boy just called. Seems the military didn't post his change of address that he submitted meaning they will only ship his belongings (upon discharge next week) to the home address he had when he enlisted over eight years ago. Efficiency is one of the government's bright spots (not). So ... he's 'donating' most of his stuff (ironing board, tv, vcr, etc.) to needy friends :) on base ... and stuffing the rest of his gear in the back seat of his car. Not sure if the surfboard will fit ... but who needs a surfboard in Idaho, eh?

What's on your To Do/Ta Da list?


Trish said...

No, I don't think your soldier boy will be doing any surfing in Idaho.
So happy for you, I know you must be one proud Mama!
Thank him for serving our Country, young men and women like him make us proud!
I remember just how the government operates...that's why after spending 4 yrs. in the Air Force. Tomer to this day reads all of the fine print before he signs anything!

Trish said...

p.s. I have lots To Do around here! I'll send you a Ta Da if i ever finish!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

I've read the last three posts you did. I love the pics you posted with your entries! And I'm sure you must be very proud of Patrick, your soldier boy. I pray that he will have a smooth re-entry into civilization, and a meaningful reunion with loved ones.

Jim said...

Hey M&M, be sure to make brownies for Patrick! I know you are glad to see him home and OUT.
Where you ship your stuff when you get out of the service is a place on your DD214. It is for sure the place where you enlisted and I think also the place where you re-enlisted.

Mrs. Jim retired January 1. I didn't blog about it. She has quit playing in the church orchestra and doesn't take on jobs in any organizations. She does participate in the fun things.
She's retired. Oh yes, she plays golf at least twice a week. We have been delayed in the starts some days lately because of frost on the course.

Pat said...

Got the income tax finished, filed and deposited in the bank.ta-da!
Still have to prepare my mother in laws last return. to-do.
As much a Patrick is welcomed home by all, I just have one little question.....is he getting my room?

Maggie Ann said...

I'm glad to hear your son is soon coming home. All our thanks to him for his military service!...and God Bless Him! Lifting up a prayer for him now.~~~My husband would be in awe of me if I had all your organization skills...oh well..grin.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for your kind thought towards my son's military service! Pat, he will be living up the road once he gets his gear unpacked. Your room is still available :)

Rebecca said...

I do not even want to think about my 'to do' list...there is just tooooooooo much on it, especially since I begin a month of travel this week.....I shall put it all off until Tuesday morning when I shall have a good deadline which will spur me on to all things good!!!!

Constance said...

I don't know, he may be on to something using that surfboard in the snow! Ha Ha!

I HAVE to be organized, if things are disorderly, I break out in the sweats!

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
will Patrick be home for your birthday today??
I hope so.
Happy, happy birthday to you.
Birthday twin of my daughter.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Mac.
The last day has been ticked off.
Please tell us if you get your big present today!.....Love Terry