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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Whatever Happened to ......... Customer Service???

Twice this week I've had my panties in a bind over CUSTOMER NO SERVICE! The first time was when I ordered a U.S. made military (Marine) flag as a gift for my dad for Christmas. This took place over the internet and within a minute I realized I should have ordered two flag clips so he could fly the flag. I called the company and asked them to include said clips so I wouldn't have to pay an additional $7 dollars shipping. The clips are cheap ... under a buck for two and I would have gladly paid for them. My reply was that they have no way to intervene an order once it's placed ... well phooey. Really now, how hard would it be for someone to call over to the warehouse and ask them to put in two little old clips! That will be the last time I buy from this company (U.S. Flags) ... But it was my purchase of a new tv today that really infuriated me to no end. And just what did Mrs. Mac find you ask??? Not one ... no ... but TWO manuals BOTH IN SPANISH!!!!!!!!! No big deal right?? So I gave old Walmart a call and they don't even have the phone number for Sony. Of course the manual has a Spanish number and website to contact ... but there's just one problem. Last time I checked I was living in the U.S.A. and the national language was supposed to be English ... and I don't exactly remember my conversational Spanish from high school ... not like that would do me any good. So I go on-line to Sony and get their customer service number. By the slight accent of the young lady I spoke with, I'm sure my call was sent to a foreign country. She informs me that she cannot send me a manual, but will email me one. Being that I don't want the copy sent via an email ... but instead would prefer an actual 3-D manual, I began to complain to her that that would not be acceptable and to put me through to her supervisor .... dead silence for many minutes followed. I think the call was lost, oops! By now I have found another website where I can order and pay $5 plus shipping for an ENGLISH manual ... but I'm not going to do it, no siree. If they can't at least send me an ENGLISH manual at their expense, then I may just have to take back the TV and exchange it for one that comes with an ENGLISH manual. Thank you for letting me vent ... I'm taking a deep breath ... sigh ... sigh ..... OK ... I'm much better now.


Jim said...

MM, turn that manual upside down and over and it will have English.
That way, the Spanish is in the back and upside down.
Right now, you have the Spanish up front and the English in the back upside down.
Merry Christmas!
Oh yes, those U.S. Flag Internet orders are handled in China or India where the labor is cheaper. The U.S. rep has no way of intercepting those foreign orders.



Jim said...

At least the above two instances are to the best of my recollection, the manual for sure.



Mrs. Mac said...

I tried that Mr. Jim ... they both are Spanish right side up and back side down ;)

Mrs. Mac said...

The flag was promoted as 'made in the U.S.A. ... it shouldn't be shipped from China.

Constance said...

Living in Texas, you can imagine the whole Spanish speaking debacle down here! That is an entire blog, not just a post for me! I am completely supportive of speaking Spanish. Within the family home!!!

I have a mother who came from Germany and she learned how to speak English before she came over! It never occurred to her that others should cater to her and her comfort level! She taught me German and I am very connected to my German heritage.

It really bugs me that Latinos scream bigotry and discrimination because we get upset over this whole English speaking issue! The only silver lining I see is that todays young Latinos are bi-lingual which means eventually, we won't be needing translators in the schools or work places!

Personally, I am not prejudiced, our son-in-law is Mexican and his father made sure his children spoke English since they were living in America!

As a matter of principal, maybe Sprawl-Mart could accomodate you and change out one of the manuals from another TV. If not, I personally would take it back! But then, I am snotty that way!


Amrita said...

Oh dear manuals are so improtant to me, i would have a hard time if they weren 't in a language i speak and read.

Sometimes ordering by internets leaves you in a hassle.

Hope you get it sorted out.

Margie said...

you read the manuals? not me... instructions... pe-shaw... pictures translate in any language...lol

Pat said...

It doesn't do much to fill you with a hearty ho, ho, ho does it?! I totally understand and agree with you. I think it bothers our generation a little more then the younger ones because
1. we're old and crabby (speaking for myself of course)
2. We know what it was like to have American made products and pride in service.
3. "The customer is always right" was a slogan that kept merchants in business, now you can hardly get a Thank you - come again...its more like Adios Amigos!

Janet Rubin said...

I'm with you MM. I get frazzled about the way cashiers don't even say THANK YOU when you hand over your money half the time. And if you have a problem (i.e. are over-charged) no one even says SORRY. What's up with that?? I hope you're done shopping now:)

Maggie Ann said...

I agree with you completely. How frustrating!