"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Operation Root Canal Redo

Open wide and say OUCH! Three or four years ago I had a root canal and permanent enamel covered crown affixed to tooth number 13 in my mouth. Having the root taken out there should not have been any long lasting pain associated with this tooth. Other crowns have taken a while to become desensitized ... but this tooth has bothered me for some time. It became even more painful when I was under stress from building our new home. I tend to clench me teeth at night when stressed out. My new (state of the art) dentist sent me to an endodontist today for what I thought would just be a consultation. I started suspecting I was in for the procedure when he reclined my chair and whipped out a q-tip with numbing gel followed by a Novocain shot. I usually need a day or two to psych myself up for any type of medical procedure. Having one root canal performed on a tooth is bad enough ... but having to go through it a second time because dentist #1 didn't do a good job is the pits. But, alas, the outcome is good. NO MORE PAIN ... except in my wallet to the tune of $1200. I sure hope my dental insurance will cover the redo of the first botched job.


Anonymous said...

This happened to me too. Then a few years later, started having trouble with it again. Another dentist wanted to do another root canal, actully he wanted to send me to a specialist. I decided the tooth wasn't worth that much, had them pull it out. No problems since.

Pat said...

I've found that the pain associated with a root canal is more in the wallet then in the mouth. My last root canal was done by an endodontist to the tune of $1400. It took both my insurance plus Hals to cover it all! For me, the endodontist was the way to go, even though the charge was higher, the proceedure was painless - to my mouth that is!

Constance said...

Hi there! I found the JW ornament at KOHL's or you can do the copy and paste thing on the link below. It should take you directly to the Carlton site and you can order it direct. Hope that helps!! Merry Christmas Pilgrim!


Saija said...

did you read my posts re my tooth woes back in summer 2006? over the years i had 2 root canals on my front tooth - then summer of 2006 i had to have that tooth yanked because there was a hairline crack in the root ... causing problems ... but the neat thing was, God actually made me chuckle by bringing a person with NO FRONT tooth into my life the day i found out i had to have the tooth pulled!!! the lady who had the gapping hole, had a lovely smile anyway ... and i knew i would have a bridge type thing immemdiately - so no gaps - yet it humbled me, as i smiled at God gently poking me in the ribs!

Amrita said...

You haver a super blog here Mrs Mac, I am interested in what you have to say and the pictures are so good. I am reaching out to you in a warm hug, God bless.