"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Whatever happened to:
  • neighborhood church bells
  • a reverence for religious and national holidays
  • special occasion dresses
  • waiting until December 25 for a present
  • a much anticipated long distance phone call ... for just a few minutes due to cost
  • 99.9 % of stores and businesses closing for Christmas, Sunday, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.
  • saying "Merry Christmas" ... instead of "Happy (generic) Holidays
  • Christmas savings programs through your bank so you didn't owe on credit cards for six months past Christmas
  • moderation
  • being content with whatever present you received ... instead of handing out a wish list
  • driving to grandma's house for a family gathering
  • meaningful Christmas music
  • nothing remotely Christmasie until after Thanksgiving ...
  • the real reason for celebrating Christmas ...
  • whole intact families


Saija said...

isn't it a blessing, that some of those things still remain in our households ... :o) ...


Pat said...

How did you get in my head? I agree with every one of those points.
In my Mothers neighborhood, you can still hear the church bells ring. I love the sound of it.
Special occasion dresses? Absolutely!

Jim said...

Please don't be a pessimist MM. A lot of those things are still going on all over, JUST NOt EVERYWHERE!
Here's hoping the root canal works this time! :-)

Sara said...

every single one of those things is essential to my heart. maybe we need to find a wayback machine?

Amrita said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
This is what I wanted to hear.
Those things are ways of celebrating Christmas in a moderate and holy way.I"m just sick of keeping up with the Joneses attitude and commercialization.
If you don 't mind I want to use this bit on my blog and also link you on it. Can i do it? Just so others can read it too.

Thank you for visiting my garden.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

O, I forgot, from gramma_s