"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Week In Pictures

Pictures: A visit to Hansen's Orchard, Sunrise from my front porch, "Mangy Moose" painting discovered in an antique shop ... begging me to buy it ;), Mr. Nathan tending the fire with his mutt, the fabulous baby Jake, salsa..salsa..salsa ..yummy!


Pat said...

Now that looks like the kind of orchard I'm looking for - everyone around here that I've been to looks like an amusement park. Did you buy that painting? I think you must!
I love the pictures of Nathan and Baby Snookums, is that a little toothy I see in Snookums mouth or is it just a bubble?!
If I bring the chips, will you share your salsa? It looks yummy!
Great pics - I enjoyed all of them!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Pat ... the orchard is part of the Green Bluff farms area and is one of many small family run operations about 30 minutes from home. Yes, the "mangy moose" painting now hangs in my great room ... the frame is made from old barn wood. Snookums is teething and one or two should be erupting any day now. Nathan is home sick with a fever and sore throat today :( (say prayers and send chicken soup, please)

Pat said...

I'll be praying for Nathan, and if I could, I would hand deliver chicken soup and a hug.

Phil said...

I love your fire pit!

Constance said...

Sounds like it was a good week! I love your huge firepit! I need to remember that for when we build! I too have been canning. I put up a dozen jars of corn relish and a dozen jars of pumpkin butter. I'll need to put up another 2 dozen jars of the pumpkin butter to get through the winter and all of the holiday gift-giving!